June 14, 2009


Reflecting on the Word


           Going to movies these days can be an immersion in blood. I go to movies fairly regularly and friends in the parish will ask me my reactions now and again. Often over the years, I have found myself responding, "It's well made, but… it's pretty bloody." Or I'm not sure if you want to see all this bloodshed"

It might be surprising to listen to the three readings that have to do not just with shedding blood, but sprinkling it on people, as Moses did out in the desert, and presenting Jesus as the great high priest who goes into the sanctuary bearing his own blood, which will "cleanse our consciences from dead works" (Hebrews 9:14) so we can worship the living God.

And then there is the more familiar reading of Mark's account of the Last Supper, where Jesus tells his disciples to drink his blood. Perhaps we have gotten used to hearing these words since they are spoken at every Mass. But if you stop and think about it they are rather shocking.

In the biblical world blood is sacred, blood is life. From the beginning animals were offered in sacrifice. But with the offering of the body and blood of Christ, a new relationship has been entered with our God. Through Jesus' gift of his body and blood, salvation was won for us and is present to us when we gather in his name to praise the Father.


Taken from: LIVING THE WORD, Scripture Reflections and Commentaries for Sundays and Holy Days, Dennis Sylva and James Wallace.


June 14, 2009

Sunday June 1, 2009 Offerings:



              For better security for our church building, we have begun new procedures starting immediately, the church doors will be locked at 11am each day (except weekends). If you wish to make a visit to the church or go to the Parish Office, the door by the Blessed Mother's Grotto will be unlocked until 3pm.



A preparation session for the parents of children who are scheduled to be baptized in the parish will be held on Monday evening, June 29, at 7:30 in the parish office.  The session will provide parents an opportunity to reflect upon the meaning of the sacrament and to walk through the ceremony itself.  Baptisms are normally celebrated on the second and fourth Sundays of each month.   Please make arrangements for the baptism itself with the parish secretary at least two weeks before your desired date.  If you plan to attend the June 29 session, please let Andy Bechman know (see the staff contact information in this bulletin).



Immaculate Conception-St. Joseph Parish in Bloomfield will be having it's Annual Madonna Della Civita Feast Day Mass and Procession on Sunday, July 19, 2009 at 11:30 a.m. in the Immaculate Conception Church on Edmond Street. The Mass will include Italian music and a procession with the Madonna immediately following. Everyone is welcome to attend.


Join Fr. Sam Esposito and a group from St. Benedict the Abbot, McMurray, as they visit the shrines of their patron, St. Benedict, and enjoy the wineries and foods of the central part of this lovely country. Saint Benedict the Abbot Parish is sponsoring a pilgrimage to the shrines of St. Benedict from October 20 - 30, 2009. For more information call the office at St. Benedict, 724-941-9406.


Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy would like to Congratulate our 8th Grade Graduates; Lauren Butler, Nicole Gruden, Tyler Heck, Grant Hettinger, Molly Fallon, David Kwiatkowski, Allison Nedrow, Bridget Podgorski, Patrick Rielly, Spencer Thurman and Samuel Zappala. Good Luck!



Financial pressures, the stress of parenting, differences between men and women, boredom, disillusionment---they can all scorch a relationship.  If you did not have an opportunity to see it at the movies, Worldwide Marriage Encounter is hosting a free viewing of "Fireproof: on Saturday June 27, 2009 at 7:00pm at Gilmary Retreat Center, 601 Flaugherty Run Road, Coraopolis, PA.  Spend a relaxing "movie night" with us and hear how the gift of a Marriage Encounter weekend can "Fireproof" your marriage. Snacks and beverages will be provided along with a few surprises. There is no cost, but a freewill offering will be accepted. Seating is limited, so please register by June 20, 2009.  For more information or to register please contact us at: fireproofme@hotmail.com  or phone 724-265-9017.  



The following Central Catholic High School students, and CDTCA alumni, earned high honors for the 2008-2009 school year: Phillip Ferguson, Theodore Larkin, John Leech, Patrick Leech, William Maher, Mark Petraglia, William Rielly. The following students earned honors: Patrick Burke, Kyle Ciccone, Gregory Larkin, Lawrence Papincak, Nicholas Rielly. Congratulation on this great achievement, we are proud of you all!


CDTCA is hiring

Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy, located in Aspinwall, PA, is currently seeking applicants for the position of Administrative Assistant to the Principal. The candidate should have a working knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite Applications and the use of on-line database programs. The applicant must be able to obtain all applicable clearances and be in conformity with Pittsburgh Diocesan regulations. Please submit your application, in writing to Rev. Kenneth White, 309 Brilliant Ave.  Pittsburgh, PA 15215

Saturday, Vigil of  The Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ, June 13

    5:00 pm          Violet Mueller (Sandy Romanelli)

    Presider: Fr. Walt Rydzon


Sunday, The Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ, June 14

    7:30 am          For the Parishioners of St. Scholastica 

    Presider: Fr. Kenneth White

    9:00 am          Stanley Marsico (Tish Marsico)

    Presider: Fr. Sean Hogan

11:00 am Mother Anna Agnes Rogus

(Gerry Michanowicz & Family)

    Presider: Fr. Kenneth White


Monday, Weekday, June 15

8:30 am Dr. John Scott (Family)


Tuesday, Weekday, June 16

8:30 am Dylan Smith (Grandma Mary)


Wednesday, Weekday, June 17

8:30 am Thomas Kotchey (Kizior Family)


Thursday, Weekday, June 18

8:30 am Annv. Dr. Thomas Tamburo

(Evelyn Conflenti)

 Friday, Weekday, June 19

8:30 am Erna Godbout (Ronald & Nancy Jalbert)


Saturday, Immaculate Heart of Mary, June 20

9:00 am George Demmer (Carole Bosilovic)

      Presider: Fr. Kenneth White


Saturday, Vigil of  the Twelfth Sunday of Ordinary Time, June 20

5:00 pm Elizabeth Greb (Lynch Family)

    Presider: Fr. Sean Hogan


Sunday, Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time, June 21

7:30 am William H. Labriola (Wife)

    Presider: Fr. Kenneth White

9:00 am For the Parishioners of St. Scholastica 

    Presider: Fr. Robert Duch

11:00 am Roman Kurkiewicz (Kurkiewicz Family)

    Presider: Fr. Kenneth White



INFANT BAPTISM is celebrated at noon on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.  Please make arrangements with the parish secretary at least 2 weeks prior to the desired date.


ARE YOU INTERESTED IN BECOMING A CATHOLIC? R.C.I.A. is the process which enables adults to become initiated into the Church.  Call the pastor for information.


St. Scholastica Parish on Saturdays after 9:00 a.m. Mass. For your convenience, the parishes in our cluster have the following opportunities for reconciliation:

St. Joseph Parish has Sat. reconciliation from 3:30-4:00.

Madonna of Jerusalem has reconciliation on Wednesday evening from 5:30-6:45 and Saturday from 3:00-4:00 p.m.


HOLY EUCHARIST is available for those who are sick and confined to home.  Call Sister Marilyn for assistance.


Fr. Ken or Sr. Pat.



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