August 16, 2009


              We live at a time when so many hunger for the basics, when millions are threatened with famine and even the lack of such a necessity as water. It takes no large degree of empathy to feel great compassion in the face of those images of gaunt-faced adults and children with swollen bellies. This common human experience of the importance of eating and drinking has also served as an image for the necessary nourishment needed for eternal life, for our ongoing life in God.

From the beginning in Eden, God was concerned with what Adam and Eve ate--and what they should not eat. "You can eat from all the trees except this one," God told them. Nourishment came in two forms: the food of creation and the food of God's word, calling for obedience. In the journey through the desert God fed the people with manna for their bodies, then offered the Torah for their spirits.

Today we have a poetic image of God in the first reading as Lady Wisdom--or Woman Wisdom, as might be preferred-pictured as gracious figure who has prepared her meat and given attention to her wine so that the simple might be nourished, food for the spirit that offers understanding in the place of foolishness for one reason: "that you may live" (Proverbs 9:6). Forsaking foolishness and living wisely is again echoed in the letter to the Ephesians.

Jesus' words today are the most challenging of all. In place of the manna and the Torah, he calls on the crowds to eat his flesh and drink his blood, offering himself as food that will bring eternal life. While we can certainly hear in this a reference to the Eucharist, it is first of all a call to accept Jesus as the Wisdom of God, as the Revelation of God who feeds us for eternal life.

Taken from: LIVING THE WORD, Scripture Reflections and Commentaries for Sundays and Holy Days, Dennis Sylva and James Wallace.

August 16, 2009

Sunday August 2, 2009 Offerings:



       This weekend we welcome Fr. William Rojano who will be speaking at all the masses.   Fr. William is a Yarumal missionary.  This is a society of foreign missions of Colombia-South America, founded in 1927 in a town called Yarumai. It is an institute of brothers, lay missioners and priests, who are sent from different Latin American countries to missions in six countries in Africa,  two countries in Southeast Asia and eight countries in Latin America, especially with the indigenous people.    Fr. William was ordained in 2006 in Ecuador, South America.  He went to Kenya, East Africa, in 2004 to finish his theological studies.   Since 2006 he has been working in Tuum, Northern Kenya.   He speaks English, Spanish and two African languages. We will take up a second collection to support the Yarumal missioners.   Please make checks payable to St. Scholastica and we will forward the money.   Fr. Ken



Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy begins classes on Thursday, August 27. Openings are available in every grade K-8.  There is still time to give your child the greatest gift you can...the gift of a Catholic education.  Think about it and call the school office @ 412-781-7927 for more information.

  Registration for the morning Pre-School session for 4 years old is now closed, but you can register for a smaller size class in the afternoon.  Openings are still available for the 3 year old program on Tuesday & Thursday mornings.  Pre-school begins the week of August 31.



The Respect Life Committee will meet Tuesday, August 18th, 7:30pm, in the Pastoral Center,.  We will be discussing the proposed Health Bill, 40 Days of Prayer for Life, and Life Chain Sunday.  New members are always welcome.


Will be celebrating their 70th year beginning with 9:00 Mass on Sunday, September 20.  Brunch at Cornerstone Restaurant, 301 Freeport Road, Aspinwall will follow.  The cost of brunch is $20.00.  Please make your reservations and mail your check made out to Aquinas Guild to Shelley Peconi, 317 Hallsborough Drive, Pgh., 15238, (412-963-1607) as soon as possible.

RCIA Profile—Gary Wiant

We continue the profiles of our adult initiates who entered the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil.

Gary Wiant lives in Aspinwall with his wife Johanna.  They have two grown daughters, Carey and Amanda, and three grandchildren.  Gary owns and operates Aspinwall Custom Framing. 

Gary  grew up in Ohio.  His father was a Methodist, but not a frequent churchgoer, and Gary followed in that path as a youngster.  He graduated from DePauw University and served as a naval aviator in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War.  He also attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Gary married Johanna in 1969.  Over the years, his growth in Christian faith was fostered by watching The 700 Club and by participating in a Bible study group with some Catholic men.  About twenty years ago, he began attending Mass with Johanna.  He says that he decided to pursue membership in the Catholic Church because of his favorable impression of Catholics:  "I have always found them to be wonderfully different from the general population."  When he heard of the RCIA process last fall, he decided to participate: "the RCIA is the door that the Catholic Church opens for membership.  The goodness and godliness of Catholics drew me over the threshold."  (To be continued.)



  A preparation session for the parents of children who are scheduled to be baptized in the parish will be held this Monday evening, August 17, at 7:30 in the parish office.  The session will provide parents an opportunity to reflect upon the meaning of the sacrament and to walk through the ceremony itself.  Baptisms are normally celebrated on the second and fourth Sundays of each month.   Please make arrangements for the baptism itself with the parish secretary at least two weeks before your desired date.  If you plan to attend the session this Monday, please contact Andy Bechman.  The next baptism preparation session will take place on October 19.



Pirate Game and Tailgate Party Friday August 21st.  It is the Diocese of Pittsburgh Catholic Youth Ministry Night! $10.00 per person includes tailgate party. Middle School and High School Youth are welcome.  RSVP by Aug. 18.

Saturday, Vigil of  the Twentieth Sunday of Ordinary Time, August 15

    5:00 pm          Andrew Rosati (Bob & Gloria Rosati)

    Presider: Fr. Kenneth White


Sunday, Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, August 16

    7:30 am          For the People of St. Scholastica

    Presider: Fr. Kenneth White

9:00 am Connie Crossett (Helen Gonzales)

    Presider: Fr. Kenneth White

11:00 am Luke Hadley (Cordaro Family)

    Presider: Fr. Sean Hogan


Monday, Weekday, August 17

8:30 am Ed & Verna Stabile (Kijanka Family)


Tuesday, Weekday, August 18

8:30 am Helen Ziegler (Family)


Wednesday, Weekday, August 19

8:30 am Birthday LaVerne Keefer & Annv. Margaret Keefer (Ruth & Gary)


Thursday, Bernard, abbot & doctor, August 20

    8:30 am Patricia Akanowicz (Charlene Akanowicz)


Friday, Pius X, Pope. August 21

8:30 am Annv. Robert Conflenti (Evelyn Conflenti)


Saturday, Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary, August 22

9:00 am Daniel P. Gallagher (Gallagher Family)

      Presider: Fr. Kenneth White


Saturday, Vigil of  the Twenty-First Sunday of Ordinary Time, August 22

5:00 pm Ted & Vee Kajanka (Kijanka Family)

    Presider: Fr. Robert Duch


Sunday, Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time, August 23

7:30 am Annv. Damiano Marsico (Peter &RoseAnn)

    Presider: Fr. Sean Hogan

9:00 am For the People of St. Scholastica

    Presider: Fr. Kenneth White

11:00 am Annv. Marion Gimber (Sisters)

    Presider: Fr. Kenneth White

celebrated at noon on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.  Please make arrangements with the parish secretary at least 2 weeks prior to the desired date.


ARE YOU INTERESTED IN BECOMING A CATHOLIC? R.C.I.A. is the process which enables adults to become initiated into the Church.  Call the pastor for information.


St. Scholastica Parish on Saturdays after 9:00 a.m. Mass. For your convenience, the parishes in our cluster have the following opportunities for reconciliation:

          St. Joseph Parish has Sat. reconciliation from 3:30-4:00.

Madonna of Jerusalem has reconciliation on Wednesday evening from 5:30-6:45 and Saturday from 3:00-4:00 p.m.


HOLY EUCHARIST is available for those who are sick and confined to home.  Call Sister Marilyn for assistance.


Fr. Ken or Sr. Pat.



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