August 14, 2011


   A woman has a daughter tormented by a demon.  She hears about Jesus, seeks him out, and pleads with him to pity her child.  Who could turn away?  Yet Jesus dismisses her, saying dogs do not get the children's food. Is Jesus really comparing her to a dog begging at the table?  Is he turning away because his mission to the house of Israel limits who benefits from his healing power?  What was Jesus thinking?
   Three things can be said here.
   First of all, it is probable he was not literally calling her a dog any more than we are when we say about someone, "Every dog has its day".
   Second, it is possible that at this time Jesus understood his mission as taking care of his own people first.  We are told he grew in wisdom.  Would this not include a growth in fully understanding his Father's will and how far it went?
   Third, is it not even possible that this was a moment of growth, that the woman's faith pushed him further along in widening his mission and in recognizing that everyone was welcome at the table of the kingdom, and that his work was to respond wherever he found faith?
   Isaiah reminds his Jewish listeners that God will bring the foreigners who join themselves to the Lord to his holy mountain, where they will worship.  Paul reminds his Gentile listeners that God's gifts and call to the Jews are irreversible.  In a word, everyone has a place at the table.
Taken from: LIVING THE WORD, Scripture Reflections and Commentaries for Sundays and Holy Days, Dennis Sylva and James Wallace.

August 14, 2011
SUNDAY, August 7, 2011 OFFERINGS:
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An old wisdom saying has it:  "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not to their own Truth"!   In today's world it is ever more important to be an informed Catholic: to be aware of the ancient traditions of the Church, as well as modern day teachings on justice and ethics.  AMERICA, is the national Catholic weekly published by Jesuits of the United States.  A typical issue has two major articles, as well as columns, Scripture reflections on the Sunday readings, Editorials, book reviews, current news, etc.  I have been reading America (as well as National Catholic Reporter) for over 45 years.  In these changing times, none of us should be merely "opinionated Catholics", but "informed and formed Catholics".  A subscription is $56 a year at 1-800-627-9533 or visit  Fr. Ken

Respected Catholic journalist John L. Allen, Jr. notes that "Islam has replaced Judaism as the most important interfaith relationship for the Catholic Church," yet many Catholics are unacquainted with Islam and Muslims in a personal way.  Join us on Thursday, August 18, at 7:30 p.m. in the Pastoral Center as we welcome Karen Hussaini to St. Scholastica.  Mrs. Hussaini is the President of the SFH Islamic Interfaith Network, which works to build understanding and respect between faith communities through dialogue, activity and education. Through conversation with Mrs. Hussaini, we hope to reach a better personal understanding of Muslims and their faith.  There is no registration or fee for this event.
Children's Liturgy of the Word, in which children ages 4-10 join our kid-friendly interpretation of  the Scriptures, resumes at 9 a.m. mass after Labor Day.  We're seeking additional volunteer leaders for the upcoming year.  Adults and older teens interested in helping approximately once every six weeks should contact Natalie Gillespie ( or 412-782-3943).

Auditions for the 2011-2012 Diocesan Choir season will soon be held.  The Choir, under the direction of Fr. Jim Chepponis, Music Director for the Diocese of  Pittsburgh, sings for the major Diocesan events at St. Paul's Cathedral throughout the year.  Currently there are openings in the soprano, alto, tenor and bass sections.  In addition to being good singers, potential members must be capable sight-readers due to a limited rehearsal schedule, and at least 18 years of age.  Rehearsals are held at St. John Capistran Church in Upper St. Clair.  Audition times may be scheduled by calling Doris Anne in the Diocesan Music Office, 412-456-3042) before August 24.

In preparation for a new Ministry of Praise prayer list, please put prayer requests in the boxes in the vestibule of the church or call Arlene Probst at 412- 781 -2337or email

We will be selling gift certificates after all Masses on Sunday, August 21st. A wide variety will be available including Giant Eagle, Community Market and Panera. Cash or checks (payable to CDTCA) will be accepted. Thank you for your continued support.

The two Sunday Choirs will begin rehearsals the first week of September.  We'd love to have new members!  Why not consider joining either the 9 a.m. Contemporary Choir or the 11 a.m. SATB  (4-Part) Choir?  Now is the time to act!  Both choirs are open to adults and teens.  No audition. Contact Sr. Pat by August 23.

Monday, August 15th, is the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  This year since it falls on a Monday, it is not a Holy Day of Obligation.  We will have one scheduled morning Mass at 8:30am.

Religious Education begins September 18th!  Please register your child as soon as possible.  Forms are available online or in the pastoral center.

We are looking for a teacher or a team of teachers for the 5th grade class on Sunday.  We also need Small Group Leaders  for our expanding middle school religious education program.  Please give this prayerful consideration.  Contact Jamie Dillon if you are interested or would like more information.

Are you looking for a way to stay connected with your faith?  Then consider being a volunteer for our religious education program on Sunday morning OR Tuesday night!  Contact Jamie Dillon.

Our Thursday morning drop-in Bible study continues this week on August 18 from 10:00-11:15 in the north section (near the kitchen) of the Pastoral Center. There is no need to commit for multiple sessions, just come when you can!  We provide materials on the next Sunday's Scripture readings. No registration is necessary. The Tuesday evening session has ended for the summer.  There will be an evening Bible study in the fall.

The Catholic Men's Fellowship of Pittsburgh and The King's Men of Philadelphia are sponsoring a retreat for men called "Into the Wild" at Raccoon Creek State Park from September 8 – 11, 2011.  Bishop David Zubik will be coming to the retreat for a Friday evening talk.  More information is available at or call Damian Wargo at 215-906-8878 or Jim Zern at 412-818-3226.  A 15% discount is being given with the mention of this bulletin announcement. Financial aid is also available based on need.


Saturday, Vigil of the Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, August 13
   5:00 pm   Delfini Marsico (Niece, Rita Marsico)
       Presider: Fr. Kenneth White

Sunday, Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time,  August 14
    7:30 am   Luke Hadley (Cordaro Family)
       Presider: Fr. Sean Hogan
    9:00 am   Judy Jackworth (Ed & Kathy Rak)
       Presider: Fr. Kenneth White
    11:00 am Parishioners of St. Scholastica
       Presider: Fr. Kenneth White

Monday, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, August 15
   8:30 am   Anniv., Thomas Styslinger (Styslinger Family)

Tuesday, weekday, August 16
    8:30 am   Birthday, Marion E. Gimber (Sisters)

Wednesday, weekday, August 17
    8:30 am   Terry Pavlick (Bob & Paula Scureman)

Thursday, weekday, August 18
    8:30 am   Helen Ziegler (Family)

Friday, weekday, August 19
    8:30 am   Laverne  R. Keefer and Margaret B. Keefer (Ruth & Gary)

Saturday, St. Bernard, abbot & doctor of the Church, August 20
   9:00 am   Daniel Gallagher Sr.  (Dan & Eileen Gallagher)

Saturday, Vigil of the Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time, August 20
   5:00 pm  Anniv., Stephen Novick (wife, Shelley & Family)
       Presider: Fr. Kenneth White

Sunday, Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time,  August 21
    7:30 am   Ann Colangelo (Husband)
       Presider: Fr. Robert Duch
    9:00 am   Parishioners of St. Scholastica
       Presider: Fr. Sean Hogan
    11:00 am   Anniv., Marion E. Gimber (Sisters)
       Presider: Fr. Kenneth White


INFANT BAPTISM is celebrated at noon on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.  Please make arrangements with the pastor at least 6 weeks prior to the desired date.

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN BECOMING A CATHOLIC? Contact Andy Bechman for more information--see Parish Contact below.

RECONCILIATION (CONFESSION) is celebrated at St. Scholastica Parish on Saturdays after 9:00 a.m. Mass. For your convenience,the parishes in our cluster have the following opportunities for reconciliation:
    St. Joseph Parish has Sat. reconciliation from 3:30-4:00.
    Madonna of Jerusalem has reconciliation on Wednesday evening from 5:30-6:45 and Saturday from 3:00-4:00 p.m..



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