July 24, 2011


   If God were to offer you your heart's desire, what would you ask for?  Solomon did not request health or wealth.  Nor did he ask God to remove his enemies-either those inherited from his father or those acquired when he was given the crown at a very young age.  Solomon asked for wisdom, for a heart that understands or listens.  Such wisdom included the ability to judge justly and to distinguish right from wrong.  God was pleased.
    The gift of wisdom allows the heart to see; the letter to the Ephesians refers to "seeing with the eyes of the heart".  And wisdom brings the ability to hear the word of the Lord even when spoken in the sound of silence, as Elijah did.  Such seeing and hearing lie at the heart of the first two parables.  Seeing God's reign is likened to finding a treasure in a field or seeking a most valuable pearl– when one sees where it s hidden or hears where it can be found, one gives all one has to make it one's own.
    The heart can spend many years and look in many places for happiness.  We can bypass the kingdom again and again, going off into various dead ends, cul de sacs and blind alleys.  Paul reminds the Romans that all things work for good for those who look to God.   God, who has predestined us to share the image of the Son, wishes to give us the wisdom needed to discover where the kingdom is hidden.

Taken from: LIVING THE WORD, Scripture Reflections and Commentaries for Sundays and Holy Days, Dennis Sylva and James Wallace.

July 24, 2011
SUNDAY, July 17, 2011 OFFERINGS:
Amount Needed:

On Sunday, July 31st, Central Blood Bank will be holding it semi-annual Blood Drive in the Pastoral Center after masses from 8:00 AM until 1 PM.  Blood is the "gift of life."  Please be generous and sign up for a time to give "life" by calling JoAnn Liebert at 412.767.4248 or MaryCatherine Scanlon at 412. 781.6550.

Our summer drop-in Bible study is taking a break this week.  The Thursday morning study will resume on August 4 from 10:00-11:15 in the north section (near the kitchen) of the Pastoral Center. The Tuesday evening session has ended for the summer.  There will be another evening Bible study in the fall.

Lunch, Fashions, Auctions, Bake Sale!  Please mark your calendar for another special Autumn Song luncheon, with fashions by Carabella, on Saturday, October 15, at the Pittsburgh Field Club. This annual Aquinas Guild event supports the church, the community, and CDTCA. If you have a donation for the auctions or baskets, please contact Patti McCaffrey at 412-782-5051. Tickets to sporting, theatrical, or musical events; weekend get-aways; golf experiences; and gift certificates to local shops and restaurants are especially prized. We welcome donations of hand crafted items such as knitted or crocheted sweaters, blankets or baby items and gently used treasures from your own home.

To all boys in grades 3 through 8, please consider joining the St. Mary's Condor's Football Team for its 44th year of grade school football.  Please contact Sam Commendatore at 412.486.7737 for more information.

A preparation session for the parents of children who are scheduled to be baptized in the parish will be held on Monday evening, August 8, at 7:30 in the parish office. The session will provide parents an opportunity to reflect upon the meaning of the sacrament and to walk through the ceremony itself.  If you plan to attend the session, please let Andy Bechman know at andybechman@saintscholastica.com.  Baptisms are normally celebrated on the second and fourth Sundays of each month.  Please make arrangements for the baptism itself with the parish secretary at least two weeks before your desired date.
We received a generous donation of Gather Hymnals from Our Lady of the Angels Parish in Lawrenceville.  We have been short hymnals for a good while and many have  seen better days.  This was a wonderful opportunity to supplement what we have.  These donated hymnals are in perfect condition;  however, they do not have the readings in the back.  In most of the pews, though, you will find a few hymnals that do have the readings.  We will use these present hymnals for the next four months.  We have already ordered the new hymnals that will have all the mandated changes in the Mass.  We have ordered plenty of hymnals, and they will all have the readings.  We will start using this hymnal on November 27, which is when Advent begins.  
Why not consider joining either the 9 a.m. Contemporary Choir or the 11 a.m. SATB Choir?  Now is the time to act!  Both choirs are open to adults and teens. No audition.  Contact Sr. Pat ASAP.
If you're worried about losing your house you may be eligible for financial assistance, including new emergency federal loans.  In fact, a whole host of programs may help you avoid foreclosure and stay in your home.  The first step is to call today because funding is available for a limited time.  Call 1-800-552-4171 now to learn more.


Saturday, Vigil of the Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 23
   5:00 pm  Delfina Marsico (Buckey Family)
       Presider: Fr. Kenneth White

Sunday, Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 24
    7:30 am Parishioners of St. Scholastica
       Presider: Fr. Kenneth White     
   9:00 am Ann Romanovich (Eileen Turiak)
       Presider: Fr. Sean Hogan   
   11:00 am Joan Farina (Milo & Joanne Milburn)
       Presider: Fr. Kenneth White

Monday, St. James, apostle, July 25
   8:30 am Regis Obringer (Jo & Natalie Certo)

Tuesday, St. Joachim & St. Anne, parents of Blessed Virgin Mary, July 26
   8:30 am Anniv., Douglas Arturo (Renee Arturo)

Wednesday, weekday, July 27
   8:30 am  Daniel Gallagher Sr. (Dan & Eileen Gallagher)

Thursday, weekday, July 28
    8:30 am  Rocco Florio (Wife & Family)
Friday, St. Martha, July 29
    8:30 am  James F. Larkin (Mary H. Larkin)

Saturday, weekday, July 30
   9:00 am  Louise Flinn (Son, Don Flinn)

Saturday, Vigil of the Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 30
   5:00 pm  Anniv., Rosemarie Boley (Children)
       Presider: Fr. Sean Hogan

Sunday, Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time,  July 31
    7:30 am  Parishioners of St. Scholastica
       Presider: Fr. Robert Duch
    9:00 am  Jack Lang & Diane Loebig (Family)
       Presider: Fr. Kenneth White   
    11:00 am  Miguel Ramos (Claudia Bermudez)
       Presider: Fr. Kenneth White


INFANT BAPTISM is celebrated at noon on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.  Please make arrangements with the pastor at least 6 weeks prior to the desired date.

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN BECOMING A CATHOLIC? Contact Andy Bechman for more information--see Parish Contact below.

RECONCILIATION (CONFESSION) is celebrated at St. Scholastica Parish on Saturdays after 9:00 a.m. Mass. For your convenience,the parishes in our cluster have the following opportunities for reconciliation:
    St. Joseph Parish has Sat. reconciliation from 3:30-4:00.
    Madonna of Jerusalem has reconciliation on Wednesday evening from 5:30-6:45 and Saturday from 3:00-4:00 p.m..



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