October 14, 2012

     This past week we celebrated the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. So many home gardens have a statue of St. Francis, often holding a bird. We think of him as the saint of animals and nature. But Francis as a young man was part of a military expedition against a neighboring province. After being captured, he languished as a prisoner for a year until he was released. He returned to a carefree life. His father was a wealthy merchant and Francis had few worries about his future. Over a period of conversion, Francis went to nurse lepers, and eventually renounced his father and his inheritance, stripping off even the clothes that were his and returning them to his family. It was this dramatic step that set him on the road to a life of holy poverty.
     The Gospel this weekend points to that kind of dramatic break with the world. Jesus tells the man who runs up to him to go and sell what he has and give it to the poor and then follow him. The man cannot do it, and so he walks away. The disciples are astounded at the turn of events. None of them have any great wealth, but they wonder if anyone can be saved.
     Francis took this Gospel in a quite literal sense, and so ended up disposing of everything. For the most part, Christians have interpreted this Gospel story as an important lesson on the need to have a certain amount of detachment in this life. Clearly we are not all meant to be St. Francis. But his radical interpretation reminds us that we can cling too closely to all that we have and lose sight of the greater meaning in our lives. Since all that we have is already a gift from God, we recognize that these things are only ours for a brief time before we are called to give an accounting in the age to come.
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     Next Sunday is World Mission Sunday. We pray for missionaries, religious and lay, who have left homes, culture and families to preach the Word of Christ. The second collection is to support local churches, especially those that are newly founded. This collection will take place during the preparation of the gifts. Please be as generous as you can. Thank you.

     This week we will have the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick during the 11:00 am Mass on Sunday, October 14th. We invite all who are ill, facing an operation, in frail health, undergoing chemotherapy, and those weighed down with addictions or emotional distress to be anointed next week. You remember that we used to call this anointing the "Last Rites". After Vatican Council II this Sacrament was renamed the "Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick" to include all who are weighed down in body, mind or spirit. So join us this Sunday at the 11:00 am Mass.

     Ladies, it is time to turn those ovens on and bake those delicious specialties of yours for the Autumn Song Luncheon! Lorraine Maslaney would especially appreciate it if they can be dropped off at her house on Friday, October 19th, all day, at 218 Tenth Street, Aspinwall. If that does not work for you, they can also be brought to the Pittsburgh Field Club the day of the luncheon. Please call Lorraine at 412-781-1964 if you have any questions.

     On Saturday, October 13th, 8:45 am-2:00 pm, our Youth Ministry will again partner with Catholic Charities to provide help to the needy.  If you would like to help, contact the Youth Ministry Office.

     Do you want to deepen your grasp of the Christian message? Join us this fall for Catholicism: Journey Around the World and Deep into the Faith, a video series that presents the foundations of the Catholic faith in a visually arresting style.
     We will view the first five episodes on Thursday evenings from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm in the Pastoral Center until October 25th. Each episode lasts about an hour. After viewing, there will be half an hour to share your reactions and thoughts if you wish. This week's episode is titled "Our Tainted Nature's Solitary Boast: Mary, the Mother of God."
     Although watching all of the episodes is ideal, you can benefit from any of them. Come when you can! There is no fee or registration, although donations will be accepted to cover costs.

     Our call to stewardship includes all of the ways in which we receive God's gifts with gratitude, cultivate them, and share them with others. Find more news in the online version of Stewardship Corner at our parish website: http://www.saintscholastica.com/. Look for "Stewardship Corner" in the Quick Links.

Help Needed!
     · Nancy Heil is in desperate need of men's shoes, clean and in good condition, sizes 10-15, for her work with poor and homeless people. Shoes that are comfortable for walking are best.
     · Nancy also requests canned fruit (medium size, 13-20 oz. cans are best).
     · All items for Nancy may be placed in the bins in the church vestibule. Please use clean plastic garbage bags for large items, and place all items in bags—loose items are difficult to transport. Thank you!

Good News!
     Our Youth Ministry Scavenger Hunt for Warmth netted over 100 blankets and many pillows, socks and other items for homeless persons. Nancy reports that not only did our young people collect these items, they helped her fold and store them late into last Saturday evening. "In times like these when we hear all the negative political ads," Nancy says, "it can be hard to be positive. But if our world is in these young peoples' hands, we're going to be okay." Nancy sends special thanks to Jamie Dillon for all of her good work, and especially for coordinating the Scavenger Hunt so carefully to provide the items that are needed most.

Focus On . . . Adult Religious Education
     This ministry seeks to promote our growth as a Catholic Christian community by reflecting together on our faith and how we practice it. Adult education at St. Scholastica includes Bible studies, Baptism preparation for parents, support for adults leading the Children's Liturgy of the Word, and print resources. We also maintain a parish library. If you would like to form a book club, discussion group, prayer or support group, or organize a group retreat, contact Andy Bechman at (412) 781-0186, ext. 18, or by email: adultfaith@saintscholastica.com.

     The Autumn Song Benefit being held on October 20th at the Pittsburgh Field Club is approaching fast! The deadline for making reservations is October 16th, but sooner is always better! Karyn Lynch will be taking reservations at 412-963-9399.
     The Aquinas Guild is still hoping for donations for this event, which helps to support the church, community and CDTCA. Weekend getaways; tickets to sporting, theatrical, or musical events; golf experiences; gift certificates to local shops, restaurants or anything else you have to offer, would be so very helpful. If you have a donation, please contact Ursula Meyer at 412-782-4408 or Ursula@meyerfamilia.com. Thank you!!!

     The annual Fall Fling fundraiser to benefit CDTCA is quickly approaching. Mark you calendars for Friday, November 9, 2012 and send in your RSVP as soon as you can! Tables are filling up quickly! Remember to pre-order your Mystery Boxes on your response card too.  It promises to be a fun-filled evening with a featured live musical performance by Bill Deasy, great auction items, and delicious food stations. You should have received your invitation, however, if needed there are extra invites in the school office as well as the Church vestibule. Any questions? Contact Dani Folino at danifolino@verizon.net or Luci Massaro massaro6@verizon.net.

     Students in the 4th grade and above are invited to join us for an Altar Server training session. As an Altar Server, responsibilities include assisting the priest in celebrating Mass, and serving at the altar is an excellent way to learn more about Church teaching and traditions. A session will be held after the 11 am Mass on  October 14th. To register and receive the required study materials, please contact Peggy Santelli at pssantelli@gmail.com.

     The University of Notre Dame's 70 voice men's Glee Club will be sharing their repertoire of classical, spiritual, folk, and barbershop tunes here at St. Scholastica Parish at 7:30 pm this Sunday, October 14th. St. Scholastica alumnus and Notre Dame student Will Docimo is a member of the Glee Club and will conclude the concert by conducting traditional Notre Dame songs. The concert will be enjoyable for families and music-lovers alike.  For more information, see gleeclub.nd.edu.

     Our first MEGA meeting for our confirmation candidates and a parent or sponsor will be Sunday, October 14th at 12:15 pm in the Pastoral Center.

Sunday: Wis 7:7-11/Heb 4:12-13/Mk 10:17-30 or 10:17-27
Monday: Gal 4:22-24, 26-27, 31---5:1/Lk 11:29-32
Tuesday:   Gal 5:1-6/Lk 11:37-41
Wednesday:   Gal 5:18-25/Lk 11:42-46
Thursday:   2 Tm 4:10-17b/Lk 10:1-9
Friday:    Eph 1:11-14/Lk 12:1-7
Saturday:   Eph 1:15-23/Lk 12:8-12
Next Sunday:Is 53:10-11/Heb 4:14-16/Mk 10:35-45 or 10:42-45

     St. Scholastica Parish would like to thank Weddell-Ajak Funeral Home for their continued support of the St. Scholastica Bulletin.  Please see their ad on the back page.

     A Celebration of Haiti at St. Scholastica: Sunday, October 21st.
     You are invited to join our parish's Haiti Committee members and other local Haiti support organizations as we celebrate Haiti with food, music, displays and valuable information about various projects seeking to give hope to its people. We will hold the event in the Pastoral Center on Sunday, October 21st, 12:00 noon through 2:00 pm. Please come for a great sampling of refreshments and conversation - all are welcome!

     There will be a check in for all Homestudy Religious Education Students on Sunday. October 21st from 10:30 am-11:15 am in the new school building.

     Please pray for the repose of the soul of John Marous, husband of Lucine.

     We will be selling gift certificates after all Sunday Masses next weekend, October 21st.  A wide variety will be available including Giant Eagle, Labriola's, Community and Whole Foods. Cash or checks (payable to CDTCA) will be accepted. Thank you for your continued support.

Saturday, Vigil of the Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time,  October 13
   5:00 pm  Joseph Yasinsky (John & Marlene Yasinksky)
      Presider:  Fr. Sean Hogan

Sunday, Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time, October 14
   7:30 am  Parishioners of St. Scholastica
       Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White
   9:00 am  Bobbie Marsico (Jean Rusch)
       Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White
   11:00 am  Adeline Alvino (Family)
       Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White

Monday, Saint Teresa of Jesus, October 15
   8:30 am  Maria Andreaggi (Bill & Jean Eckert)

Tuesday, weekday, October 16
   8:30 am  Bernice Gimber (Yolanda Floria)

Wednesday, Saint Ignatius of Antioch, October 17
   8:30 am  Katherine Cush (husband, Dan Cush)

Thursday, Saint Luke, evangelist, October 18
    8:30 am  Matthew T. Elder (Charlena Cunningham & Pam York)

Friday, Saint John de Brebeuf and Issac Jogues, October 19
    8:30 am  Ruth Scholl (Family)

Saturday, weekday,  October 20
   9:00 am  Thomas Monteverde (Connie Donnelly)   

Saturday, Vigil of the Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time,  October 20
   5:00 pm  Matthew Elder (Connie Donnelly)
      Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White

Sunday, Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time, October 21
   7:30 am  John C. Sheedy (Maureen S. O'Brien)
       Presider:  Fr. Sean Hogan
   9:00 am  Respect Life
       Presider:  Fr. Robert Duch
   11:00 am…Carmela Ferraro (Gerard & Carole Werries & Family)
       Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White

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