May 19,2013

      Altar flowers are placed in memory of Margaret B. Cullinan by Maureen Cullinan & Bill Pelham.

      This weekend, May 18th and 19th, there will be a second collection for Catholic Relief Services, the Church in Latin America, Africa and Central Europe. We are reading about the natural disasters and civil wars in many parts of the world, especially in the Middle East. Many Christians also are persecuted in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Catholic Relief Services is one of the largest of the international relief agencies. We are rightly proud of the good works that CRS does in the name of Jesus and the Church. Thank you for your generosity.

       This weekend two of our parishioners will be awarded papal honors by Bishop David Zubik. Katherine Freyvogel and Paul Pohl are receiving the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice cross which is the highest church honor award for laity.
      Katherine Freyvogel in 1988 became president and one of the founding board members of Oakland Catholic High School. The school now has an enrollment of 600 students with a waiting list for admissions. Her leadership skills recently helped complete a $15 million capital campaign to ensure the school's future. She has been married to her spouse, Thomas, for forty years. They are parents of seven children and 14 grandchildren.
      Paul Pohl works as a lawyer for Jones Day Law Firm. Most recently he has been at the forefront of litigation relative to the Health and Human Services mandate. He has met with U.S. bishops and has filed and managed this litigation pro bono. Paul also serves on various boards for foundations and colleges and is an officer and board member of the Extra Mile Education Foundation. He and his wife, Kaya, are the parents of three children and two grandchildren. Congratulations and thank you for your loving service to our Diocese and Church.
                                                                                        Fr. Ken

      Change A Heart, the only Catholic year-long service program based in Pittsburgh, is seeking young adults desiring to directly serve poor and marginalized individuals full-time with a nonprofit organization in the fields of education, healthcare or social services.  Room and board, including rent, utilities, food and transportation is provided to members in a community house in a safe, urban neighborhood.  A monthly stipend, use of a community vehicle and health insurance are also provided.  The program also includes regular retreats, community reflections and other opportunities for spiritual growth.  For more information, and to apply, visit

      Our call to stewardship includes all of the ways in which we receive God's gifts with gratitude, cultivate them, and share them with others.

Help Needed!
      Are you good with gizmos? We are looking for a parishioner who would be willing to help us evaluate the audiovisual system in the Pastoral Center. We are considering updating the system. It would be a great help if someone who is knowledgeable would assist us. Please contact Andy Bechman if you can help.

      Nancy Heil coordinates an extensive Christian service effort for people and families who are poor or homeless. She requests donations of:
    • blankets (these often run low in the summertime);
    • sheets;
    • washcloths and large bath towels;
    • duffel bags and adult-sized backpacks.
      Nancy just received a large donation of non-perishable foods from the Postal Service which has not yet been sorted. Before the shipment, however, these foods were needed:
    • canned fruit (approximately 15 oz. cans are best);
    • canned vegetables;
    • macaroni and cheese;
    • canned chili;
    • rice.
      Thank you for your generosity! Please remember to leave donations in the bins in the back of church.  Please do not leave items on the steps or porch of Nancy's house or the house next door. Thank you!

Focus on . . . RCIA
      Through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, St. Scholastica Parish welcomes adults and older children into the Catholic Church. The RCIA is intended for people who have never been baptized, for Christians who have been baptized in another denomination but would like to become Catholics, and for baptized Catholics who were not raised in the faith and have not yet received the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist. Let us know if you are interested in joining the Church or in helping others to enter. Contact Andy Bechman at (412) 781-0186, ext. 18, or by email:

      We ask you prayers for John Stafford who died this past week.   John and his wife Judy are long time members of our parish.  John was a lector for many years.  John's funeral Mass will be on Tuesday, May 21st at 10:00 am.  We commend him to the love and care of the Lord Jesus.   May the Lord comfort Judy and her family with Easter Hope!

      Duquesne University's largest open house event, DuquesneFest, will be held this summer on Sunday, June 9, 2013, beginning at 8:00 am.  This exciting day is a fun way for Fall 2013 high school seniors to learn more about the University.  Register with Duquesne's Office of Admissions online at

      Register your 5-9 year old for Faith Island Vacation Bible School the week of June 10th from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm.  This is a great way to start off the summer.  Register by emailing

      Recently, we have offered parents copies of Praying with Your Children: A Guide for Families, by Pat Fossarelli, a pediatrician who also has a doctorate in ministry. Recently, we received a request for the book from a grandparent who spends a lot of time with her grandson and would like to attend to his (and her own) spiritual growth.
      What a wonderful thing to do with a grandchild! Grandparents can be so important to their grandkids. Being attentive to fostering the relationship your grandchild already has with God is a great gift you can offer to him or her. This is true whether you are reinforcing what the child's parents are doing, or whether you are opening up the spiritual dimensions of life for a child who is not being raised in the faith.
      If you would like a copy of the book, please notify Andy Bechman at or leave a voicemail that includes your name (clearly please) at 412-781-0186, Ext. 18. We will make a copy available at church for you to pick up. There is no charge to you.

      Camp Helping Hand is in our 17th year! This is a 3 day community service camp for our youth in grades 5-8.  It is July 9, 10 & 11 from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm.  We will work with Habitat for Humanity and provide other needed service in our area.  Register by contacting Jamie Dillon.

      On Memorial Day weekend, representatives will be available at St. Mary Cemetery to assist families visiting the cemetery and answer any questions regarding the cemetery or the mausoleum.     Surveys and newsletters will be available to all visitors.  Please take time to read the newsletter and fill out the survey.

    Vigil: Gn 11:1-9 or Ex 19:3-8a, 16-20b or Ez 37:1-14 or Jl 3:1-5/Rom 8:22-27/Jn 7:37-39
    Extended Vigil: Gn 11:1-9/Ex 19:3-8a, 16-20b/Ez 37:1-14/Jl 3:1-5/Rom 8:22-27/Jn 7:37-                  39
    Day: Acts 2:1-11/1 Cor 12:3b-7, 12-13 or Rom 8:8-17/Jn 20:19-23 or Jn 14:15-16, 23b-26
Monday: Sir 1:1-10/Mk 9:14-29
Tuesday: Sir 2:1-11/Mk 9:30-37
Wednesday: Sir 4:11-19/Mk 9:38-40
Thursday:  Sir 5:1-8/Mk 9:41-50
Friday: Sir 6:5-17/Mk 10:1-12
Saturday:Sir 17:1-15/Mk 10:13-16
Next Sunday: Prv 8:22-31/Rom 5:1-5/Jn 16:12-15

      We will be selling gift certificates after all Sunday Masses this weekend, May 19th. A wide variety will be available including Giant Eagle, Labriola's, Community and Whole Foods. Cash or checks (payable to CDTCA) will be accepted. Thank you for your continued support.

      Wouldn't you love to divert your state taxes to a really good cause, Catholic Education?  PA's Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program provides a tax credit of up to 90% for companies that donate to approved non-profit scholarship organizations in the Commonwealth. The Scholastic Opportunity Scholarship (SOS) fund raises over $3 million a year and provides an average of 5,000 plus scholarships annually. All C Corporations, S Corporations and Subchapter S Corporations can give up to $300,000 from their tax bill. Help needy families attend quality schools at no cost to you. For more information contact Ron Bowes at 412.456.3090 or

      Thank you to all who contributed and to all who helped with the collection for Genesis last Sunday.  We collected $1,359.00.  Your generosity will go a long way in helping women facing difficult pregnancies.  God bless you.  The Respect Life Committee

      The May meeting will be Tuesday, May 21st at 7:30pm.  Due to it being Election Day, we will meet in the Parish Office in the Pastoral Center.  We welcome anyone who would like to join our meeting.

Saturday, Vigil of Pentecost, May 18
   5:00 pm  Linda Lucchino (Ruth & Gary Keefer)
      Presider:  Fr. Sean Hogan

Sunday, Pentecost, May 19
   7:30 am  Tom & Alice Kotchey (Strahler Family)
       Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White
   9:00 am  Anniv., Theresa Marsico (Tish Marsico)
       Presider:  Fr. Robert Duch
   11:00 am  Parishioners of St. Scholastica
       Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White

Monday, weekday, May 20
   8:30 am  Louis Certo (Certo Family)

Tuesday, weekday, May 21
   8:30 am  Leo Piatkowski (Anna Patitucci)

Wednesday, weekday, May 22
   8:30 am  Joseph Walters (Rita U. Schultz)

Thursday, weeday,  May 23
    8:30 am  Birthday, Frank Capozzi (Louis & Francesca)

Friday, weekday, May 24
    8:30 am  Elaine Pavlik (Nellie Ambrose)

Saturday, weekday, May 25
   9:00 am  NO MASS

Saturday, Vigil of The Most Holy Trinity, May 25
   5:00 pm  Robert Napoli (Ruth & Gary Keefer)
      Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White

Sunday, The Most Holy Trinity, May 26
   7:30 am  Edward P. Williams (Rosemary & Mark Studer)
       Presider:  Fr. Sean Hogan
   9:00 am  Parishioners of St. Scholastica
       Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White
   11:00 am  Catherine C. Paulick (Paulick Family)
       Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White

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