May 5, 2013

      The housing market is often used as a leading indicator of economic recovery because so much money is invested in this segment of the economy. Construction of new homes provides jobs, and the purchase of existing homes leads to additional consumer spending as homeowners move in, repair, and renovate. Analysts use a baseline that they consider a "normal" market, and then measure improvement from there. In the dark days of the housing collapse five years ago new construction starts were less than one-third the desired level of 1.5 million a month. Just three years ago, mortgage delinquency and foreclosure rates were almost triple what is considered an acceptable rate of 5.25%. These are dark and dismal figures if you are a banker or construction worker.
      In the Gospel this weekend Jesus is speaking to his disciples at the Last Supper describing the relationship between himself and the Father and the Holy Spirit. Those who love Jesus will keep his word and he and the Father will come and make their dwelling with the disciple. This image of dwelling speaks to the abiding presence of God in the followers of Jesus. God is always with them.
      Owning a home was long considered a part of the American dream. If a family could purchase a place of their own, then they would consider themselves to have "made it." Home ownership is still a value many people cling to, but its luster has dimmed since the collapse of the housing market. We are six Sundays away from Easter now, and maybe the joy of that feast has also dimmed a bit in our hearts. Maybe we've slipped back into some of our usual patterns and lost some of the fervor of our baptismal commitment. Even the Christian life is occasionally subject to a certain buyer's remorse. Jesus tells us in the Gospel not to be troubled or afraid. He and the Father are with us in a dwelling that is forever.
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      The Aspinwall Presbyterian Performing Arts Series would like to invite you to an upcoming performance.
      Friday, May 10th, at 7:00 pm at Aspinwall Presbyterian Church, Freya String Quartet, with Jason Neukom, violin, Ashley Buckley, violin, Jason Hohn, viola and Katya Janpoladyan, cello.
      Free will offering.  Handicapped Accessible and free parking. For more information go to

      Duquesne University's largest open house event, DuquesneFest, will be held this summer on Sunday, June 9, beginning at 8:00 am.  This exciting day is a fun way for Fall 2013 high school seniors to learn more about the University.  Register with Duquesne's Office of Admissions online at

      We are now accepting registrations for the 2013/2014 Religious Education year.  Registrations received before May 10th will receive a discount.  Contact Jamie Dillon at

      This week, we conclude our series on the history and meaning of confirmation, in honor of our recently confirmed young people.
      When baptism and confirmation were celebrated together in the early church, the rite of immersion focused on a person's incorporation into the death and resurrection of Christ; the anointing focused on the gift of the Holy Spirit.
      In the words of liturgist Fr. Lawrence Mick, Confirmation today "provides an opportunity for the Church community to celebrate the gifts and presence of the Spirit as these are manifested in the lives of the initiates."  Because sacraments are the way the Church celebrates what God is already doing in the lives of its members, there should be evidence of ongoing conversion (in a way appropriate to their capability) in the candidates.
      According to the Catechism, preparation for Confirmation should also "strive to awaken a sense of belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ, the universal Church as well as the parish community. (CCC #1309) This is why Confirmation is celebrated by a bishop. The ministry of the bishop connects our parish to other parishes in the diocese and also connects our diocese to other bishops and dioceses around the world.
      Finally, Confirmation provides an opportunity for the whole community to rededicate itself to the life of the Spirit, that is, to lifelong conversion to Christ.
Sources: Lawrence E. Mick, Understanding the Sacraments Today (Liturgical Press, 1987), pp. 32-47. (for history and meaning); Catechism of the Catholic Church, Nos. 1285-1314

      Our call to stewardship includes all of the ways in which we receive God's gifts with gratitude, cultivate them, and share them with others.
Help Needed!
      · Nancy Heil requests donations of: men's white tube socks (socks with no heels); women's summer clothes (in all sizes, but especially in large sizes); washcloths and large bath towels; duffel bags and adult-sized backpacks.
      · Food items that are needed include: canned fruit (approximately 15 oz. cans are best); canned chili or stew; red kidney or pinto beans; canned vegetables; hamburger or tuna helper.
      Thank you for your generosity! Please remember to leave donations in the bins in the back of church. Please do not leave items on the steps or porch of Nancy's house or the house next door. Thank you!
Good News!
      Thanks to the girls in Girl Scout Troop 55134 (CDTCA grades 6-8) for redecorating the collection bins in the back of church. They look great! Thanks also to Heidi Kipp who coordinated the girl scouts' work.
Focus on . . . the Ministry of Praise
      Parishioners in the Ministry of Praise volunteer to pray at home for parish needs and parishioner requests. A list is sent to them every two months. If you would like to join this group, or have a prayer request, please contact Mary Catherine Scanlon at:

      May festival Dinner-Dance, Saturday, May 11th:  come celebrate the traditions of Catholic Bavaria held at Teutonia Maennerchor Club House, North Side.  German Buffet dinner served 5:30-7:30 p.m. German Band 7:30-11:30 p.m.  D'Lustigen Isartaler Bavarian club dancers and chorus will perform.  Tickets/RSVP - call Marianne 412-398-0586 OR Tricia 724-822-9444.   $10 dance only ticket.  For more information, please see our club website:

      Come celebrate spring and join other parish women in friendship at the Aquinas Guild end-of-year luncheon. All women of the parish are invited to attend a luncheon at the Fox Chapel Golf Club on Wednesday, May 15th, starting at 12 noon. Guest speaker will be Sister Marian Senish, C.D.P., who leads many retreats in our area. Her topic is "Laughter Is the Best Medicine." Cost of the lunch is $25. To make a reservation, please send a $25 check payable to the Aquinas Guild to Bernadine Bonessa, 111 Hickory Hill Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15238. Please specify your entrée choice, either Sole Veronique or Lemon Chicken. Reservation deadline is May 10th. Call 412-963-0198 with any questions.

      On Mother's Day Weekend, church members will be collecting monetary donations after mass in honor of Mother's Day.  Funds will assist Genesis of Pittsburgh Inc., an alternative to abortion agency, which provides comprehensive pregnancy support, caring and adoption services.  Your contributions will be directly used to support these programs.  Our aim is to support the birth mother and guarantee the unborn a future whether through responsible parenting or placement for adoption.  If you know of anyone who may need their services, please tell them to call 412-766-2693.

      A program for the unemployed and underemployed - St. Joseph Parish in O'Hara Township will offer a program called "Joseph's People", a faith-based program providing people who are unemployed or underemployed with the tools and resources needed to begin an effective job search.  Support group meetings will cover a range of topics such as networking, resumes, marketing techniques and more.  All are welcome and there is no cost.  The first meeting will be held Wednesday, May 8th at 7:30 pm at St. Joseph Parish.  To register or to volunteer, please call the parish at 412-963-8885 x306.

      Please pray for the repose of the souls of Marie Streppa, sister of Carl Macino and Alfreda Kopec, mother of Bernie Bonessa.

      Save the date!  Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy is holding a fundraiser at Max & Erma's in Fox Chapel on Thursday, May 16th from 11:00 am - 10:00 pm.  You must present a ticket to your server and 20% of your bill will be credited to the school.  This offer will also be accepted on take-out orders.  Tickets will be located at the back of the church next weekend.  Thank you for supporting our school!

      "Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid...I am going away and I will come back to you." (John 14: 27-29) Separations like business trips or military deployments can strain a marriage. Plan a daily way to reconnect even if it is simply to pick a common time to pray for each other.

Sunday: Acts 15:1-2, 22-29/Rv 21:10-14, 22-23/Jn 14:23-29
Monday: Acts 16:11-15/Jn 15:26-16:4a
Tuesday: Acts 16:22-34/Jn 16:5-11
Wednesday: Acts 17:15, 22-18:1/Jn 16:12-15
Ascension Thursday: Acts 1:1-11/Eph 1:17-23 or Heb 9:24-28; 10:19-23/Lk 24:46-53
Friday: Acts 18:9-18/Jn 16:20-23
Saturday: Acts 18:23-28/Jn 16:23b-28
Next Sunday: Acts 7:55-60/Rv 22:12-14, 16-17, 20/Jn 17:20-26

      Tee up for education and play where the pros play . . . CDTCA is having its Annual Golf Outing on Monday, May 20, 2013 at the Fox Chapel Golf Club. The day includes lunch, golfing and a dinner with awards and prizes. For more information, please contact Taylor Abbett 412-281-1442 or

      Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy is now accepting registrations for the 2013-2014 school year. Openings are available in most grades. Please contact the school if interested in a tour at 412-781-7927. Financial aid is available.

      In recent weeks, we have offered parents copies of Praying with Your Children: A Guide for Families, by Pat Fossarelli, a pediatrician who also has a doctorate in ministry. This week, we received a request for the book from a grandparent who spends a lot of time with her grandson and would like to attend to his (and her own) spiritual growth.
      What a wonderful thing to do with a grandchild! Grandparents can be so important to their grandkids. Being attentive to fostering the relationship your grandchild already has with God is a great gift you can offer to him or her. This is true whether you are reinforcing what the child's parents are doing, or whether you are opening up the spiritual dimensions of life for a child who is not being raised in the faith.
      If you would like a copy of the book, please notify Andy Bechman at or leave a voicemail that includes your name (clearly please) at 412-781-0186, Ext. 18. We will make a copy available at church for you to pick up. There is no charge to you.

      This Thursday, May 9th, is the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord, a Holy Day of Obligation.  We have two scheduled Masses for Thursday: 8:30 am and 7:00 pm.  St. Joseph's has a Wednesday Vigil Mass at 7:00 pm.  St. Edward's has a Noon Mass & 6:30 pm Mass on Thursday.

Saturday, Vigil of the Sixth Sunday of Easter, May 4
   5:00 pm John Vollmer (Edna Jenca)
      Presider:  Fr. Sean Hogan

Sunday, Sixth Sunday of Easter, May 5
   7:30 am  Nancy McSorley (Mihm Family)
       Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White
   9:00 am  Parishioners of St. Scholastica
       Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White
   11:00 am  Franklin C. Snyder (wife, Patricia Snyder)
       Presider:  Fr. Robert Duch

Monday, Easter Weekday, May 6
    8:30 am  Birthday, Joseph Costa (Antonietta Costa & Family)

Tuesday, Easter Weekday, May 7
   8:30 am  Birthday, Ellen Kennedy Clarke (Martha Capone)

Wednesday, Easter Weekday, May 8
   8:30 am  Nancy McSorley (Maureen O'Brien)

Thursday, Ascension of the Lord,  May 9
   8:30 am  J. Kevin Scanlon (Scanlon Family)
   7:00 pm  Anthony Sgambati (Family)

Friday, Easter Weekday, May 10
   8:30 am  Richard B. & Margaret B. Cullinan (Maureen Cullinan & Bill Pelham)

Saturday, Easter Weekday, May 11
   9:00 am  Nicholas Scotty (wife, Laura)

Saturday, Vigil of the Seventh Sunday of Easter, May 11
   5:00 pm……Parishioners of St. Scholastica
      Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White

Sunday, Seventh Sunday of Easter, May 12
   7:30 am  Deceased Veltri/Powers Family Members (Sissy & Pat)
       Presider:  Fr. Robert Duch
   9:00 am  Rosemarie Labriola (Labriola Family)
       Presider:  Fr. Sean Hogan
   11:00 am  Celia Mancini (Mancini Family)
       Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White

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