September 22, 2013

      Brad and Joanna met in graduate school and married shortly after they each completed their degree work. As a young married couple they are deeply in love with each other and really work hard at being unified in their household as they raise their two young children. In so many ways they act as one. But every fall there is one thing that comes along that divides this couple: college football! You see, Joanna graduated from Ohio State, while Brad finished his undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin. Most of the time, the weekend college football events are not that divisive. They can even root for each other's alma maters depending on who the opponent is. But when their schools play each other the division is intense. Their home life may be united in many things, but when it comes to their old school teams the rivalry wins out.
      In the Gospel this weekend, Jesus points out to his disciples that a person can really only devote himself to one master. Serving God and serving money are very hard to hold in balance. The dishonest steward in the Gospel parable could not hold to his ethical duty to his employer. Instead he used his position to feather his own nest, something that even his former employer gave him credit for.
      The loyalties that Brad and Joanna have toward their individual teams are commendable. They each maintain a strong devotion to their collegiate experience. But they also recognize that there is a greater master to serve in their lives: their marital union. As intense as game day may be, they realize that in the end, it is just a game, while their marriage and their family life is not. They have recognized a greater good even as they enjoy the game that divides them each fall. Our own lives can be exactly like that. We can come to an accommodation with every other thing as long as we recognize that God is the master of all.
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      This Fall, from September 25 to November 3, our community is uniting with hundreds of other cities around the world for the largest and longest coordinated pro-life mobilization in history: THE 40 DAYS FOR LIFE CAMPAIGN.  Everyone is welcome to join this pro-life witness.  40 Days for Life is made up of three components: Prayer and Fasting--Believers throughout our city are invited to join together for 40 days of fervent prayer and fasting for an end to abortion.  Peaceful Vigil--Stand for life during a 40 day peaceful public witness outside Pittsburgh's Planned Parenthood abortion clinic located at 933 Liberty Avenue, downtown.  Community Outreach--Help take a positive upbeat pro-life message to every corner of our city through media efforts, advocacy, and public visibility.

      The Fox Chapel Area Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) will be holding a meet/greet playdate at Squaw Valley Park on Tuesday, September 24th and Tuesday October 8th, from 9-11 a.m. (weather permitting) to kick-off the start of the year and give interested moms a chance to find out more about the group.  Anyone who may be pregnant or has a child up to age 5 are welcome to join.  Beginning October 22, MOPS will meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 9-11 a.m. at the Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church.  Childcare is free, and snacks and coffee are provided.  MOPS is a Christian based group that uplifts mothers through social time, book discussion, and speakers on topics related to parenting.  This year's theme, A Beautiful Mess, reminds moms that beauty can come out the grime and difficulties of mothering.  For more information, visit or contact Fox Chapel MOPS Coordinator Carol Pohl at or 412-626-1082.

      Our annual Pet Blessing will take place on Sunday, October 6, at 1 pm near the church building entrance.  All pets, owners and friends of animals are welcome to attend.

      For all High School youth and 8th grade begins Sunday, September 29 from 10:00 am-11:00 am in the Ministry Center.  We will discuss current events as they relate to the gospel and you.  Light breakfast provided.

      Uke Group is back!  September 25 from 4:30 pm-5:30 pm in the Ministry Center.  Call Jamie if interested.

      Training sessions for new altar servers will held on Sunday, September29th and Sunday, October 6th after the 11 am Mass.  Any student in 4th grade or above may become an altar server.  Serving at Mass is a wonderful way to enrich your Catholic faith.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Peggy Santelli at to reserve your spot and obtain the required study materials.

Please pray for the repose of the souls of Frances Giovannitti; Harry McLaughlin; and Shawn Neville, husband of Tracey Neville.

      To be children of God, and brothers and sisters to one another: this is the heart of the Christian experience.                                                                   
                                                                    ~Pope Francis
Help Needed! 
      The Parish Picnicis this Sunday from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Squaw Valley Park. It's not too late to help!  We need people to load long tables onto a truck at 1:00 p.m. at the gym entrance on Maple Ave.  You can also help set up at Squaw Valley Park anytime from 1:30 onward.  And, of course, we appreciate people pitching in at the end of the picnic at 7 p.m. to clean up.  Please do what you can!
      Nancy Heil coordinates an extensive Christian service effort for people and families who are poor or homeless.  She requests donations of:
  • blankets and sheets—"This is critical—we need 85-90 blankets a week."
  • pillows;
  • washcloths and large bath towels;
  • men's new or gently used jeans or casual pants, waist sizes 30-36 and 44-60;
  • men's tennis shoes of all sizes in decent condition;
  • ladies' large bras
      Food items that are needed include:
  • canned or dried fruits;
  • canned vegetables
      Thank you for your generosity!  Please remember to leave donations in the bins in the back of church. Please, no boxes and no loose items; plastic bags are good and clean plastic garbage bags are fine for large items. Please do not make any bags too heavy to carry easily.  Thank you!

Stewardship News
      Nancy Heil recommends reading the front-page article on homeless young people from the Monday, Sept. 16, Post-Gazette.  Her line is briefly mentioned in the article as one resource that the young people use to survive.
      In the article, a consultant hired by the county said, "What struck me was that they all wanted to work."  Nancy agrees emphatically.  "If anyone thinks that these people want to be homeless," she says, "let them come down to my line with a job.  With ten jobs—or a hundred."
      Two weeks ago Monday, many people waited in line for hours in a drenching rain.  One volunteer wondered why anyone would do that, before reflecting, "I guess if I hadn't eaten in two or three days, I would stand in the rain for a lunch."  Nancy was amazed at the graciousness of the people in the line:  "Everyone thanked us for coming out in the rain."  And the line keeps growing longer . . .

      The Annual Fall Fling fundraiser to benefit CDTCA is quickly approaching.  Mark your calendars for Friday, October 25th and send in your RSVP!  Remember to pre-order your Mystery Boxes on your response card too.  It promises to be a fun-filled evening! Any questions? Contact Dani Folino at or Luci Massaro at

      Save the Date!  On October 6th in 1,800 locations across the United States and Canada, tens of thousands of pro-life people will gather beside main streets.  They will pray silently and hold professionally-printed signs provided at the site.  They will peacefully show solidarity in the Christian community for the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.  They will stand in honor of the 55 million lives who have been lost to abortion.  Every year young women report deciding not to have an abortion after reading the signs and seeing the people praying.  There will be a local Life Chain on Sunday, Oct. 6th, 2:00 to 3:00 p.m., in Etna on Butler St (Rt 8) from Kittanning St to Grant St, signs available at Butler St. and Grant, parking on Catherine St across from Grant.  Young and old, all are welcome to participate.  Bring a lawn chair if standing is a problem.  See you on the 6th.

      Beginning Tuesday, September 24th, at 10:00 a.m., Masses will be accepted for 2014. Requests can also be mailed or dropped off in the Parish Office mailbox (across from the parish office).  Please be aware that we have about 1,400 registered families/individuals in our parish. We celebrate about 500 Masses a year in the parish.  So we are setting the limit of  4  Masses per year for each deceased person. Additional Masses for a deceased person will be placed on a reserved list, and be celebrated when Mass times are available.  Special requests will be welcomed for 25th or 50th Wedding Anniversary Masses. The donation for Masses, as mandated by the Diocese, remains at $10.00 each. Payment is expected at the time of scheduling.

      The Parish picnic takes place this Sunday, Sept. 22, from 3 to 7 p.m. at Squaw Valley Park.  Thanks to all who signed up to attend!  Please remember that seating is limited, so it is a good idea to bring your own chair.  Also, please bring your side dish or dessert in a disposable container.  We will have ice tables set up for items that need to be kept cold.  We will supply  drinks, hotdogs, chicken and corn. The donation request for admission is $5 per person with a maximum of $20 per family. Please see the Stewardship article for other ways to help the picnic succeed.
      This is a great way to spend time together and get to know each other a little better.  We're really looking forward to seeing everyone!

      A new group of parents with young children is meeting on Saturday, October 5, from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. at the home of Monica and Chris Dobbelstein. Parents may bring their children. The purpose of this initial meeting is to get to know one another and talk about what they would like to accomplish as a group.  Most of the parents have young children, although some have older children as well.  They are looking to support each other in raising their children Catholic in today's environment. 
      If you would like to take part in this first meeting, please email Monica Dobbelstein at by September 27.  She will send you their address. You may also leave a message on Andy Bechman's voicemail at 412-781-0186, Ext. 18 with your contact information and the number of people attending. Communication by email is preferred. 

Sunday: Am 8:4-7/1 Tm 2:1-8/Lk 16:1-13 or 16:10-13
Monday: Ezr 1:1-6/Lk 8:16-18
Tuesday: Ezr 6:7-8, 12b, 14-20/Lk 8:19-21
Wednesday: Ezr 9:5-9/Lk 9:1-6
Thursday: Hg 1:1-8/Lk 9:7-9
Friday: Hg 2:1-9/Lk 9:18-22
Saturday:   Zec 2:5-9, 14-15a/Lk 9:43b-45
Next Sunday:  Am 6:1a, 4-7/1 Tm 6:11-16/Lk 16:19-31
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      There is a service opportunity for Middle School and High School students.  Harmar Village is having a harvest party on Saturday, September 28 from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm.  We are in need of 6-12 volunteers.  If you are interested in helping with games and snacks for this event, contact Jamie Dillon.

       The St. Scholastica Parish Connection is a simple social networking site linked to our parish website. It is a closed social network that enables the parish to engage our members online in a safe and secure manner.
      On September 17, we imported contact information for our parishioners to the Parish Connection online directory.  If you are registered in the parish and we have your email address, you should have received an email message with login information. We encourage you to login with your temporary password and select your own password.  Click on the "Users" tab to reach the online directory, and click on your own name to access your profile. You can add information and a photo, and update your information whenever something changes. You can also decide how much of the information in your profile you would like to make available to other parishioners.  Any information that you mark as "private" will be visible only to the site administrators. The online directory will be available only to registered users.
      If you did not receive a login email, it probably means that we do not have a current email address for you.  You can visit the Parish Connection site [it is accessible through the homepage of our parish website,] and sign up via the Login popup. Please note that you will be treated as a visitor to the site until the office approves you as a user.  Because we are not automatically notified of sign-ups, please send an email to the Parish Connection administrators [Andrew Bechman and Christine Morton] at, so we can confirm you as a registered user. You can also email us with any questions.
      We hope that the Parish Connection will increase communication among parishioners and contribute to our growth as a community. Thank you for participating in it!

      Cub scout Pack 78 will be selling popcorn after all Masses next week to help fund their pack activities. This is your chance to support scouting and enjoy some tasty treats!

      We will be selling gift certificates after all Sunday Masses this weekend, September 22nd. A wide variety will be available including Giant Eagle, Labriola's, Community and Whole Foods. Cash or checks (payable to CDTCA) will be accepted. Thank you for your support.

Saturday, Vigil of the Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, September 21
    5:00 pm  Richard Bellinger (Mark & Catherine Bellinger)
      Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White

Sunday, Twenty-Fifth  Sunday in Ordinary Time, September 22
   7:30 am  Parishioners of St. Scholastica
       Presider:  Fr. Sean Hogan
   9:00 am  Anniv., Jonathan Marsico (Tish Marsico)
       Presider:  Fr. Robert Duch
   11:00 am  Thomas O'Connor (Truter Family)
       Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White

Monday, Pio, Priest of Pietrelcina, September 23
   8:30 am  Elaine Pavilik (Family)

Tuesday, weekday, September 24
   8:30 am  Rose McCloskey (Scanlon Family)

Wednesday, weekday, September 25
   8:30 am  Birthday, Bernice Gimber (Lorraine Clifford)

Thursday, weekday,  September 26

Friday, St. Vincent de Paul, September 27
    8:30 am  Stephen & Margaret Dolak (Sr. Dorothy)

Saturday, weekday, September 28
   9:00 am  Orland Veltri (Family)

Saturday, Vigil of the Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time, September 28
   5:00 pm  Virginia Wrobel (Rigatti Family)
      Presider:  Fr. Sean Hogan

Sunday, Twenty-Sixth  Sunday in Ordinary Time, September 29
   7:30 am  Parishioners of St. Scholastica
       Presider:  Fr. Robert Duch
    9:00 am  Anniv., Jonathan Marsico (Tish Marsico)
       Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White
   11:00 am  Thomas O'Connor (Truter Family)
       Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White

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