October 6, 2013

      Quarterly earnings reports for many publicly traded companies have either just been released or will be in the next week or so. Since every company reports them on its own schedule after the end of the quarter, it is a rolling release that investors will examine in the days to come. How well a company does will affect its share price on the stock exchange, and the compensation that is eventually determined by the board of directors for a company's leaders. Company policies or union contracts often determine how the rest of the workforce down the line get to share in any benefits of a positive earnings report.
      The words of Jesus in the Gospel may seem a bit harsh this week. He tells his apostles that they could describe themselves as unprofitable servants who have only done what they were obliged to do. It does not seem to be a very flattering picture of what it means to be a Christian. In Jesus' day a servant performed such menial tasks that it is hard for us to even imagine them today. We hear Jesus describing the master as telling the servant to prepare something for him to eat. Such actions required much more than popping something in a microwave. Meal preparation involved hard work like grinding grain, catching fish, plucking chickens, or gathering produce. It even meant hauling jars of water from the communal well. And the next day it was the same all over again.
      We are fortunate to live in the era that we do. While our daily work may not always seem as exciting as it could be, we are spared much of the drudgery of the past. For us, being a servant is an entirely different dimension. We don't go down to the lake or river in hopes of catching some food for the master. Instead, our servitude is that of being attentive to our neighbor. Our earnings report will shine if we do that!
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      This Fall, from September 25 to November 3, our community is uniting with hundreds of other cities around the world for the largest and longest coordinated pro-life mobilization in history: THE 40 DAYS FOR LIFE CAMPAIGN.  Everyone is welcome to join this pro-life witness.  40 Days for Life is made up of three components. Prayer and Fasting--believers throughout our city are invited to join together for 40 days of fervent prayer and fasting for an end to abortion.  Peaceful Vigil--stand for life during a 40 day peaceful public witness outside Pittsburgh's Planned Parenthood abortion clinic located at 933 Liberty Avenue, Downtown.  Community Outreach--help take a positive upbeat pro-life message to every corner of our city through media efforts, advocacy, and public visibility.

      Our annual Pet Blessing will take place this Sunday, October 6, at 1 pm near the church building entrance.  All pets, owners and friends of animals are welcome to attend.  In case of rain the Blessing will be cancelled.

      The Annual Fall Fling fundraiser to benefit CDTCA is quickly approaching.  Mark your calendars for Friday, October 25th, and send in your RSVP!  Remember to pre-order your Mystery Boxes on your response card too.  It promises to be a fun-filled evening with great auction items and delicious food stations.  You should have received your invitation, however, if needed there are extra invites in the school office as well as the Church Vestibule. Any questions? Contact Dani Folino at danifolino@verizon.net or Luci Massaro at massaro6@verizon.net.

      If you will be 18 years old by Nov. 5 you can register to vote in the coming election.  If you are currently registered you do not need to re-register unless you have moved or changed your name since you last registered.  Applications for voter registration and applications for absentee ballots are in the vestibule of the Church.  All voter registrations must be in the election office by October 7th.  The last day for absentee ballots to be in the election office is October 29th.

      All High School youth and Eighth-Graders are invited to join us for Intersection on Sunday, October 13 from 10:00 am-11:00 am in the Ministry Center.  This is a Bible Study and question and answer time for teens.

Saturday, October 12,  9-12.  All teens welcome!  Adults also welcome!

 Let us allow Jesus into our lives, and leave behind our selfishness, indifference and closed attitudes toward others.                                                     
                                                                       --Pope Francis
Good News!
              Nancy Heil coordinates an extensive Christian service effort for people and families who are poor or homeless.  She sends the following message:
      Recently we were pleased to have United States Congressman Keith Rothfus join our ministry as we set out to serve our homeless and needy brothers and sisters.  He had learned of our work and wanted to see "first-hand" just what we do.
      Desiring to experience the "whole package," he came to Aspinwall to see how everything comes together and then accompanied us on our Monday night journey.  Keith spent the night feeding, clothing and praying with our grateful friends, many of whom had the opportunity to discuss their problems and frustrations with him.
      The congressman called the evening a "very moving experience" and expressed his surprise at the deep dedication of the hundreds of volunteers who grace this ministry of Christ.

Help Needed!       
      Nancy Heil requests donations of:
  • adult-sized backpacks;
  • sheets and blankets;
  • men's walking or tennis shoes of all sizes in good condition;
  • men's new or gently used jeans or casual pants, waist sizes 30-34;
  • McDonald's gift certificates;
  • Port Authority ConnectCards.  Please have only $2.50 of value loaded onto each card. The cards are available at Giant Eagle.
      Food items that are needed include:
  • canned fruit and canned vegetables.
These groceries go to poor families.         
      Thank you for your generosity!  Please remember to leave donations in the bins in the back of church. Please, no boxes and no loose items; plastic bags are good and clean plastic garbage bags are fine for large items. Please do not make any bags too heavy to carry easily.  Thank you!

Focus on . . . The Society of St. Vincent de Paul
      Men and women of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul provide assistance (food, clothing, etc.) to people in need.  Funds are raised through the voluntary contributions of the faithful to the "poor boxes" located at the doors of the church. In addition, the Society stocks the pamphlet rack in the back of the church.  To learn more or join, contact Carol Paulick at: stvincentdepaul@saintscholastica.com.

      Save the Date!  On October 6th in 1,800 locations across the United States and Canada, tens of thousands of pro-life people will gather beside main streets.  They will pray silently and hold professionally-printed signs provided at the site.  They will peacefully show solidarity in the Christian community for the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.  They will stand in honor of the 55 million lives who have been lost to abortion.  Every year young women report deciding not to have an abortion after reading the signs and seeing the people praying.
      There will be a local Life Chain on Sunday, Oct. 6th, 2:00 to 3:00 p.m., in Etna on Butler St (Rt 8) from Kittanning St to Grant St, signs available at Butler St. and Grant, parking on Catherine St across from Grant.  Young and old, all are welcome to participate.  Bring a lawn chair if standing is a problem.  See you on the 6th.

      The month of October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary.  On Monday, October 7, the feast of the Holy Rosary, the students of Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy will be attending Mass at 8:30 and following Mass they will pray the rosary for World Peace.  They invite parishioners to join them.

      Fall classes for the Joseph's People Program at St. Joseph Parish, O'Hara Township.  This program is for the unemployed and underemployed beginning Tuesday, October 8th, at 7:30 pm until 9:00 pm.  Guest speaker will be Kathy Brown, Vice President and Senior Recruiting Manager with PNC Bank.  Ms. Brown will address recent trends in the Pittsburgh job market.  Future classes will cover resumes, interview skills and networking.  There is no fee for the classes but registration is required by calling the Parish Office by October 7th, 412-963-8885 x306.

      The first class of Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School will begin their journey in Cranberry Township for the start of the 2014-2015 school year.  The Admissions Office is hosting a regional parent forum here at St. Scholastica in our Pastoral Center on Wednesday, October 16th, at 7:00 pm.  The focus of this forum will be to inform middle school and high school age parishioners and families of our new diocesan high school. CWNCHS will offer a unique College Prep Liberal Arts Curriculum with STEMM concentration options and will be fully in place for the class of 2017 and beyond.  You are all invited.

      Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!!   Look what's happening in our Pre-K room!!!!
      Our school year has gotten off to a strong start with 17 four-year-olds in the class.  This first month has been a time for the students to get to know one another through play and other cooperating activities.   We are excited to be using a brand new curriculum called Splash into Pre-K which allows for a lot of hands-on learning.  We have already started planning our fall activities including a trip to the Aspinwall Community Garden for a pumpkin "hunt and decorate." We will keep you posted monthly for the exciting events happening at our Pre-K!

Sunday: Hb 1:2-3; 2:2-4/2 Tm 1:6-8, 13-14/Lk 17:5-10
Monday: Jon 1:1--2:2, 11/Lk 10:25-37
Tuesday: Jon 3:1-10/Lk 10:38-42
Wednesday: Jon 4:1-11/Lk 11:1-4
Thursday: Mal 3:13-20b/Lk 11:5-13
 Friday: Jl 1:13-15; 2:1-2/Lk 11:15-26
 Saturday: Jl 4:12-21/Lk 11:27-28
 Next Sunday: 2 Kgs 5:14-17/2 Tm 2:8-13/Lk 17:11-19

      A preparation session for the parents of children who are scheduled to be baptized in the parish will be held on Monday evening, October 21, at 7:30 in the Parish Office.  The session will provide parents an opportunity to reflect upon the meaning of the sacrament and to walk through the ceremony itself.  It is especially intended for parents who are baptizing their first child, although parents who have had previous children baptized are also welcome. If you plan to attend the session and have not already been in communication with Andy Bechman, please contact him at andybechman@saintscholastica.com. Please make arrangements for the baptism itself with Fr. Ken at least six weeks before your desired date.  The next baptismal preparation session will be held on December 2.

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      So far so good! However, Liturgical Publications Inc.--the providers of the Parish Connection—have not been able to pinpoint the cause of the problem we had. We are now monitoring the site to see how it performs. Let us know about your experience with it at parishconnection@saintscholastica.com.
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     Our Christian meditation group continues to meet on Wednesday mornings at 7:00 a.m. in Marsico Library in the Ministry Center. After a brief time to gather, we meditate in silence for twenty minutes.  You are invited to join us at any session.  You do not need any previous experience with meditation.

      This is the opportunity for the men of our parish to recharge their spiritual batteries in quiet reflection, conversations, talks, Mass and prayer.  The retreat is at St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center above the Southside.  The retreat is from 5:00 pm on Friday, Nov. 15th  through 12:00 (Noon) on Sunday, Nov. 17th.  The theme of this year's retreat is "Walking with Jesus-Empowered by the Holy Spirit."  Contact Jim Fanning at 412-492-8147 or jim.fanning@NM.com or Bob Auray at 412-406-8800 or Robert.Auray@Genco.com.

Saturday, Vigil of the Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, October 5
   5:00 pm   John Marous & Ish McLaughlin (Gunnell Family)
      Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White

Sunday, Twenty-Seventh  Sunday in Ordinary Time, October 6
   7:30 am  Parishioners of St. Scholastica
       Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White
   9:00 am  Pat Shaner (George & Rose Dice)
       Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White
   11:00 am  Anthony Bozik (Miketic Family)
       Presider:  Fr. Sean Hogan

Monday, Our Lady of the Rosary, October 7
   8:30 am  Respect Life (Respect Life Committee)

Tuesday, weekday, October 8
   8:30 am  Richard B. & Margaret B. Cullinan (Maureen Cullinan & Bill Pelham)

Wednesday, weekday, October 9
   8:30 am  Carol Fitzpatrick (Mary Catherine Scanlon)

Thursday, weekday,  October 10
    8:30 am  Alfreda Kopec (Bonessa Family)

Friday, weekday, October 11
    8:30 am  Keith Anthony (Aunt Rita Schultz)

Saturday, weekday, October 12
   9:00 am  Stephen Miketic (Leona Schmidt)

Saturday, Vigil of the Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time, October 12
   5:00 pm  John Stafford (Joan & Lawrence Ferlan)
      Presider:  Fr. Don Ware

Sunday, Twenty-Eighth  Sunday in Ordinary Time, October 13
   7:30 am  Parishioners of St. Scholastica
       Presider:  Fr. Sean Hogan
   9:00 am  Mary Bechman (Gerard E. & Carole Werries)
       Presider:  Fr. Don Ware
   11:00 am  Tom O'Connor (Farrell Family)
       Presider:  Fr. Kenneth White

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