June 1, 2014

       There are people in this world who do some serious waiting. I'm not talking about the time some of us spend in a doctor's office or the checkout line. Those are brief moments. And even those who line up for several nights to buy opening game tickets or concert tickets can't count their camping out in front of the box office as serious waiting. The people who do serious waiting are those like the spouses of soldiers who have been deployed overseas who spend their days wondering if their loved one will come home. It is the parents who are watching an illness slowly debilitate their child, even as they wait in hope for some possible cure. It is the woman who is pregnant, anxiously waiting nine months while her child grows within her.
      This Sunday is one of waiting. The risen Lord has ascended to heaven and the disciples are on their own. They are huddled in the upper room wondering what will happen. The Gospel that the church gives us in these days between Ascension and Pentecost is the prayer of Jesus at the Last Supper as found in the Gospel of John. In this prayer Jesus acknowledges that he has entrusted the message of eternal life to his followers. And he prays for all those who have accepted his word.
      Liturgically, we wait for the celebration of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. But in reality, the Spirit is already given to each of us who have been baptized and who believe in the name of Jesus. Even though this Sunday is like a pause between two great feasts, the wait is already over for us. The Holy Spirit dwells in our hearts. We can't wait huddled in some upper room. We who are in the world are called to take the word of Christ into the world today.
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     This prayer, adapted from one by St. Augustine, may help prepare us for Pentecost next Sunday.  We found it on the home page of Duquesne University's Spiritan Campus Ministry.

Breathe in me, Holy Spirit, 
that my thoughts may reflect you.
Act in me, Holy Spirit, 

that my life may further God's Reign.
Fill my heart, Holy Spirit, 

that I may love with great kindness.
Strengthen me, Holy Spirit, 

that I may defend the poor and needy.
Embolden me, Holy Spirit, 

that my life may be a witness to the Gospel.
Preserve me, Holy Spirit, 

that I may always remain your dwelling place.

      Remember to register your 5-9 year olds for Vacation Bible School June 9 - 13.  This year's theme is Gold Medal Faith: Winning for Christ.  Contact Jamie Dillon at jamiedillon@comcast.net.

      A preparation session for the parents of children who are scheduled to be baptized in the parish will be held this Monday evening, June 2, at 7:30 in the parish office.  The session will provide parents an opportunity to reflect upon the meaning of the sacrament and to walk through the ceremony itself.  It is especially intended for parents who are baptizing their first child, although parents who have had previous children baptized are also welcome.  If you plan to attend the session and have not already been in communication with Andy Bechman, please contact him at andybechman@saintscholastica.com. Please make arrangements for the baptism itself by contacting the parish office at least six weeks before your desired date.  The next baptismal preparation session will be held on July 28.

We must not let ourselves fall into the vortex of pessimism. Faith can move mountains!             --Pope Francis 
Help Needed!
      Nancy Heil coordinates an extensive Christian service effort for people and families who are poor or homeless. This week, Nancy requests the following items:
      • Port Authority ConnectCards ($2.50 on each card—available at Giant Eagle);
      • McDonald's gift cards ($5 on each card);
      • large bath towels and washcloths;
      • sheets and pillows (Used pillows are fine.  They are cut in half and re-covered for homeless people.  Throw pillows are also useful.);
      • adult-sized backpacks and duffel bags (any high schoolers who are done with a backpack?);
      • used men's walking shoes or sneakers in good condition, all sizes, but especially  12-14;
      • men's jeans and casual pants, waist sizes 30-36.
      Food items that are needed include:
      • tuna or chicken in pouches or pull tab cans;
      • canned fruit in pull tab cans;
      • macaroni and cheese;
      • prepared meal mixes(such as Hamburger Helper);
      • breakfast bars;
      • fruit or pudding cups.
These groceries go to poor families and to people living in shelters.
      Donated items may be left in the bins in the back of church. Gift cards may be left in the small blue gift bag near the bins. Please do not overload bags.
      Thank you for your generosity!

      Genesis of Pittsburgh wishes to extend our gratitude to everyone that donated towards the Mother's Day Drive to benefit our mission to help pregnant women in crisis.  You raised an amazing $1,065.10. On behalf of all of the women and their babies you are helping - Thank You!  Your donations will help us with the Genesis Adoption Center opening at 550 California Avenue in Avalon, PA in the fall of this year. Look for information regarding our Open House in the upcoming months.

      Camp Helping Hand is July 8 - 10.  This is a service camp for middle school youth.  It is from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm.  Please contact Jamie Dillon to register.  Cost is $15.

      St. Scholastica's women's group, the Aquinas Guild, invites all women of the parish to its final meeting of the year on Tuesday, June 10th at 7:00 pm in the Pastoral Center.  Please join us as we welcome our guest, Father James Torquato.  Light refreshments will be served.

      Are you looking for an opportunity to enrich your spiritual life and learn more about your faith and the Bible?  Then consider signing up for next year's Catholic Scripture Study, where we will be taking an in-depth look at the Book of Revelation.  An informational coffee will be held on Tuesday, June 3, at 10:00 am in the Duch Pastoral Center at St. Scholastica Parish.   On hand will be women from other area Catholic parishes who have participated in the program for the past seven years, as well as a copy of the textbook that will be used in the study.  
      Each week's lesson includes extended commentary on the chapter studied as well as a video analysis presented by a well-known Biblical scholar.   The Revelation sessions will run for 25 weeks from September through April with time off for holidays and spring break.  The group meets on Tuesday afternoons from 1:00 - 3:00pm  at St. Scholastica Parish.  The cost of the text is $55.  In past years, there have been 20-40 women involved and we have studied, Genesis, Exodus, the Gospels of John and Matthew, the Acts of the Apostles, Hebrews and James and Joshua, Ruth and Judges.  There is no need to make reservations for the coffee.   Please call Bernadine Bonessa, 412-963-0198 with any questions. 

      There will be a Protecting God's Children workshop on June 11th at 7:00 pm in the Pastoral Center.  Please call Jamie at 412-781-0186 x20 to register.  This workshop is mandatory for all employees of the Diocese of Pittsburgh and for all volunteers at St. Scholastica and Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy. It is also highly recommended for parents, grandparents and all those who work with children.  There is no charge to attend. 

       Help parents send their children to our quality Catholic school.  You can divert your state taxes to needy families for tuition assistance.  Go to newpa.com and register with the Department of Community & Economic Development (DCED).  The critical date coming up for new EITC  applications is July 1, 2014  This is the date you apply for your tax credit.  Please call Dr. Bowes at 412-456-3090 or email rbowes@diopitt.org for more information.

Our Appalachia Crew is selling Italian or Turkey Hoagies!  They are very fresh!  Pick up will be the weekend of June 15.  Cost is $8.  Please contact Jamie Dillon here or Mike Troyan here by June 5 to order.

Sunday: Acts 1:1-11/Eph 1:17-23/Mt 28:16-20
Monday: Acts 19:1-8/Jn 16:29-33
Tuesday: Acts 20:17-27/Jn 17:1-11a
Wednesday: Acts 20:28-38/Jn 17:11b-19
Thursday: Acts 22:30; 23:6-11/Jn 17:20-26
Friday: Acts 25:13b-21/Jn 21:15-19
Saturday: Acts 28:16-20, 30-31/Jn 21:20-25
Next Sunday: Vigil: Gn 11:1-9 or Ex 19:3-8a, 16-20b or Ez 37:1-14 or Jl 3:1-5/Rom 8:22-27/Jn 7:37-39
     Ext. Vigil: Gn 11:1-9/Ex 19:3-8a, 16-20b/Ez 37:1-14/Jl 3:1-5/Rom 8:22-27/Jn 7:37-39
     Day: Acts 2:1-11/1 Cor 12:3b-7, 12-13/Jn 20:19-23

      · Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy is accepting registrations for the 2014-2015 school year. Come see and hear about the benefits of a Catholic education. Contact Traci Giuffre at the school 412.781.7927
      · Congratulations to 8th Graders who are graduating from CDTCA on June 2nd. Kate Carnevale, Hannah Collins, Mason Daniels, Claire Farrell, Zachary Goreczny, David Herr, Alexis Jarvie, Jordan Kipp, Julie Kiszka, Madeline Macek, Meredith Massaro, Courcy Moosman, Devin Newell, Christopher Pignoli, Ed Podgorski, Joseph Pronio, Jonathan Russell, John Saunders, Libby Usher, Lucas Willmer & Max Wolfendale.
      · Congratulations to CDTCA 8th graders that competed at the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science competition at Penn State University. A perfect score and 1st place was awarded to Hannah Collins. 1st place was awarded to Jordan Kipp, Jonathan Russell & John Saunders. And 2nd place was awarded to Kate Carnevale, Julie Kiszka & Ed Podgorski.

      Now is the best time to commit to becoming a Music Minister by joining one of our two choirs  (9 am or 11 am).  June 8 is our last Sunday to sing before the summer break.  Both choirs will begin again the week of Labor Day.
      Since each volunteer needs to complete all the Diocesan Safe Environment requirements before actively participating, summer is a great time to take care of this.  See, email, or call Sr. Pat soon to sign up or express your personal interest in becoming a choir member, preferably by the end of July. Both groups have plenty of room for new members  (High School and  Adults).

Sunday, June 22, 2014, Pittsburgh, PA
      Issam Nemeh, M.D., a Roman Catholic and "physician of unshakeable faith"will be visiting the Pittsburgh area and giving an Inspirational Talk followed by a Healing Prayer Service at the Pittsburgh Marriott North.  Everyone in attendance will receive an individual prayer with Dr. Nemeh following the presentation and Q&A.
      Due to limited seating, everyone is required to purchase a ticket to attend. Children under the age of 12 will be a guest of Path to Faith and do not require a ticket when accompanied by a paying adult.  Please visit www.pathtofaith.com for additional details and tickets or call Ticket Leap, 877-849-5327.

Saturday, Vigil of the Seventh Sunday of Easter, May 31
   5:00 pm  Anniv., Ruth Cleary (Daughter, Dana Poznik & Family)
      Presider:  Fr. Jim Torquato

Sunday, Seventh Sunday of Easter, June 1
   7:30 am  Parishioners of St. Scholastica
       Presider:  Fr. Jim Torquato
   9:00 am  Pamela McCorkle (Kiszka Family)
       Presider:  Fr. Jim Torquato
   11:00 am…Birthday, Rosalia Costa-Clarke (Antoinetta Costa & Family)
       Presider:  Fr. Jim Torquato

Monday, Easter Weekday,  June 2
   8:30 am  Frank Donnelly (Family)

Tuesday, St. Charles Lwanga, June 3
   8:30 am  Mary Smith (Scanlon Family)

Wednesday, Easter Weekday, June 4
   8:30 am  Anniv., Flo & Ed Fairley (Kathleen Piper)

Thursday, St. Boniface,  June 5
    8:30 am  Birthday, Joan Grace Farina (Anthony & Jean Marie Farina)

Friday, Easter Weekday, June 6
   8:30 am  Helen Minshull (Scanlon Family)

Saturday, Easter Weekday,  June 7
   9:00 am  Anniv., Bernice Gimber (Lorraine Clifford)

Saturday, Vigil of Pentecost, June 7
   5:00 pm  Deceased Members of the Fleming-McNally Families (Fleming Family)
      Presider:  Fr. Jim Torquato

Sunday, Pentecost, June 8
   7:30 am  Parishioners of St. Scholastica
       Presider:  Fr. Jim Torquato
   9:00 am  Owen Pieper (Contemporary Choir)
       Presider:  Fr. Jim Torquato
   11:00 am  Helen McAuliffe (Mr. & Mrs. Gerard E. Werries)
       Presider:  Fr. Jim Torquato

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