May 11, 2014

      "Whoever enters through me will be saved, and will come in and go out and find pasture." Jesus' analogy about the pasture suggests the ideas of both provision and protection. In this grassy field, the sheep find their sustenance. The pasture is also the safe zone where the Shepherd can keep tabs on his flock. When Jesus speaks of himself as "the gate for the sheep" he is telling us that through our belief in him, we too will find provision and protection.
      First: provision. Jesus wants to provide for his people. He "came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly." The imagery here is of plenty, not just "enough." Today's psalm says, "The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want...You spread the table before cup overflows." This generous Shepherd provides not only our daily bread, but also our spiritual needs. "He refreshes my soul," the psalm tells us. When we are weary from the cares of life, the struggles of daily survival, and the burden of our sins, Jesus gives us "repose" in the "verdant pastures" of his love. Today's epistle follows the theme: "You had gone astray like sheep, but you have now returned to the shepherd and guardian of your souls."
      This brings us to the second point: protection. Jesus guards us, ensuring our safety. Again, Psalm 23 declares, "Even though I walk in the dark valley I fear no evil; for you are at my side." Jesus wants to comfort us when we are frightened by trials or threatened by temptations. He "calls his own sheep by name and leads them out." Out of harm's way. We only must be sure we know him well enough to "recognize his voice" when he calls. 

      As we celebrate Mother's Day, here is a prayer written by a mother who struggles to find space for prayer in her overflowing life.  For other prayers by and for mothers, visit the Creighton University Online Ministries website at:
My Loving Creator,
      You know how really tired I am. On days when things are really frantic, I consider how you made the world in seven days—and then I try to remember that you aren't asking me to re-create that feat.
      Please help me to remain a loving mother to my children and to keep some balance in my life. Help me to remember that you are with me in every packed hour of every day. As I am finishing a work project or planning dinner or buying the kids shoes, (sometimes all at the same time) help me to remember your loving care for me and let me sometimes stop for a moment and just wallow in that.
      Most of all, my caring Father, let me remember to ask for help and to rely on you for strength when I have none left; for patience when mine is so often gone; and for the wisdom and endless well of compassion and love I need in my job as mother.

Taken from the "Mothers' Prayers" page on the Creighton University's Online Ministries web site:  Used with permission.

      Today as you exit Mass, Respect Life Members will be collecting funds for their annual Mother's Day Drive.  Donations will assist their work in providing life affirming support services and housing to pregnant women in crisis.  Genesis provides counseling, housing (Genesis House), educational programming, emergency pantry items and adoption services.  Proceeds from this collection will help sponsor the new Genesis Adoption center which will be located at 550 California Avenue in Avalon, PA., opening in 2014.  Please consider honoring a mother in your life by donating in her honor to this worthy cause.  If you know of anyone who may need the Genesis services, please refer them to 412-766-2693.  Thank you!

      Join us for the workshop "Discipleship & Hospitality: Welcoming the Divine" at St. Mary of the Assumption Parish, 2510 Middle Road in Glenshaw from 9:00 am-3 pm May 17 & 24.  Call 412-456-3112.

A simple lifestyle is good for us, helping us to better share with those in need.                                    --Pope Francis

A Note from Nancy
      Nancy Heil coordinates an extensive Christian service effort for people and families who are poor or homeless.  She writes:
      Here we are with spring just beginning, and already we are feeling the effects of warmer weather on our ministry . . . longer lines and fewer donations.  Lines become longer because, whether due to financial stress or emotional stress, families and individuals, who might not put a person "out" in cold weather, will do so now.
      Despite the stormy, rainy weather, our line on Monday [April 28] showed a very notable increase.  The result: we ran out of socks, personal care kits, towels, wash cloths, pillows and, most importantly, FOOD, both lunches and bags of groceries.
      That last classification—FOOD—really hurt.  A couple of the last clients to arrive were particularly sad cases.  One of these was a lovely young lady six months pregnant who came to us from a women's shelter that requires its residents to provide their own food, which is kept locked up.  She had just learned of our ministry and came for help.  We were able to "reclaim" a small part of the groceries we had already given a client to give her, along with three McDonald's gift cards to help get her through the week.  Obviously this was not enough to take care of the nourishment needs of a six-month-pregnant lady, but it was the best we felt we could do at that time.  (A second pregnant couple, living in the streets, came early enough to get a "shelter bag," one that doesn't need any preparation.)
      With beautiful days ahead of us, people are on vacation or just "out" enjoying the weather.  They, therefore, are less likely to think of our donations.  However, our line will nearly double by summer and our need for bath towels, wash cloths, pillows, sheets and blankets, backpacks, jeans, casual pants, tennis and walking shoes and food will be greater than ever before.
      God has generously provided for this ministry for twenty years, and we know he will continue to do so.  For this, He still needs your hands and your hearts.  God bless!
                                                    Yours in Christ,

Help Needed!
      Among the staple items mentioned above, there is a particularly urgent need for sheets.  Other needed items include:
      •  Port Authority ConnectCards ($2.50 on each card—available at Giant Eagle);
      •  McDonald's gift cards ($5 on each card). 
      Food items that are needed include:
      •  tuna in pouches or pull tab cans;
      •  hearty soups with protein in large (18+ oz.) pull tab cans (NOT condensed soups);
      •  canned fruit in pull tab cans;
      •  macaroni and cheese;
      •  canned or dried beans (red, black, etc.);
      •  prepared meal mixes (such as Hamburger Helper).
These groceries go to poor families and to people living in shelters.
      Donated items may be left in the bins in the back of church. Gift cards may be left in the small blue gift bag near the bins. Please do not overload bags.
      Thank you for your generosity!

      Recently, Pope Francis tweeted: "We need to rediscover a contemplative spirit, so that the love of God may warm our hearts." If you would like to follow the pope's advice, consider joining us for Christian meditation.
      We meet at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday mornings in Marsico Library in the Ministry Center.  After a brief time to gather, we meditate in silence for about twenty minutes.  When the meditation time has ended, those who need to leave may do so and those who wish to stay can discuss our experience with an eye to helping each other develop our practice. We end by 8:00.  You may join us at any session, and you do not need any previous experience with meditation.
      If you have questions about our meditation prayer group, please contact Andy Bechman.  This is a real opportunity to open our hearts to God!

      We will be selling gift certificates after all Sunday Masses next weekend, May 18th. A wide variety will be available including Giant Eagle, Labriola's, Community and Whole Foods. Cash or checks (payable to CDTCA) will be accepted. Thank you for your continued support.

      There is still room for students who want to be a part of the 2014-15 school year at the new site in Cranberry.  Freshmen and transfers are welcome.  Information may be obtained on the school website,, or 412-321-4823. 

Sunday: Acts 2:14a, 36-41/1 Pt 2:20b-25/Jn 10:1-10
Monday: Acts 11:1-18/Jn 10:11-18
Tuesday: Acts 11:19-26/Jn 10:22-30
Wednesday: Acts 1:15-17, 20-26/Jn 15:9-17
Thursday: Acts 13:13-25/Jn 13:16-20
Friday: Acts 13:26-33/Jn 14:1-6
Saturday: Acts 13:44-52/Jn 14:7-14
Next Sunday: Acts 6:1-7/1 Pt 2:4-9/Jn 14:1-12

      If you are a parishioner, or know a parishioner who is in the hospital, has recently moved to a nursing home, or who is newly shut-in at home and needs pastoral care, please contact the parish to tell us about the person's new location and how we can help. You can call or email the parish office, or fill out an online form on our website, here.

      The Second Vatican Council reaffirmed the historical connection of Confirmation with Baptism. The Confirmation rite included a renewal of baptismal vows and candidates were encouraged to use their baptismal names and their godparents as Confirmation sponsors.  The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) reunited the three sacraments of initiation - Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist - with the Presider (priest or bishop) confirming the adults.
      The timing of Confirmation in the U.S. at present is determined by the bishop. It was out of a desire to reconnect the sacraments of initiation that the Greensburg diocese celebrated Confirmation along with First Communion from 1994 until recently. The bishops of the Diocese of Pittsburgh have chosen to retain celebration of Confirmation by a bishop and at a later age.

      Help parents send their children to our quality Catholic school.  You can divert your state taxes to needy families for tuition assistance.  Go to and register with the Department of Community & Economic Development (DCED).  The critical date coming up for new EITC  applications is July 1, 2014  This is the date you apply for your tax credit.  Please call Dr. Bowes at 412-456-3090 or email for more information.

      This week's altar flowers are being placed in honor of the Flynn & Gallagher Families by the Gallagher Family.

Saturday, Vigil of the Fourth Sunday of Easter, May 10
   5:00 pm Magdalen Lang & Ruth Scholl (Family)
      Presider:  Fr. Jim Torquato

Sunday, Fourth Sunday of Easter, May 11
   7:30 am  Parishioners of St. Scholastica
       Presider:  Fr. Jim Torquato
   9:00 am  Rosalia Costa-Clarke (son, Joseph Costa-Clarke)
       Presider:  Fr. Jim Torquato
   11:00 am…Celia Mancini (Family)
       Presider:  Fr. Jim Torquato

Monday, Easter Weekday, May 12
   8:30 am  Alfreda Kopec (Mr. & Mrs. D. Fabri)

Tuesday, Easter Weekday, May 13
   8:30 am  Respect Life Committee

Wednesday, St. Mathias, May 14
   8:30 am  Kevin Scanlon (Scanlon Family)

Thursday, Easter Weekday,  May 15
   8:30 am  60th Wedding Anniversary, Jack & JoAnn Lovey

Friday, Easter Weekday, May 16
   8:30 am  Mary Catherine Cavanaugh (Jim & Vicki Cavanaugh)

Saturday, Easter Weekday,  May 17
   9:00 am  56th Wedding Anniversary Tom & Millie Wenzel

Saturday, Vigil of the Fourth Sunday of Easter, May 17
   5:00 pm  Angela Marsiglio
      Presider:  Fr. Jim Torquato

Sunday, Fourth Sunday of Easter, May 18
   7:30 am  Parishioners of St. Scholastica
       Presider:  Fr. Jim Torquato
   9:00 am  Anniv., Theresa Marsico (Tish Marsico)
       Presider:  Fr. Jim Torquato
   11:00 am  Mary Ruth Wessell Burke & Paul F. Wessell (Regis & Mary Lou Wessell)
       Presider:  Fr. Jim Torquato

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