November 25, 2018

Daily Mass: Week of November 26
  8:00 am               Fr. Dale DeNinno, Saint Joseph
  9:00 am               Fr. Michael Decewicz, Madonna/St. Edward
  10:00 am             Fr. Paul Merkovsky, Saint Scholastica
Weekend Mass Schedule:  December 1-2
Saturday Vigil
  4:00 pm             Fr. Michael Decewicz, Saint Joseph
  4:30 pm             Fr. Paul Merkovsky, Madonna
  5:00 pm             Fr. Dale DeNinno, Saint Scholastica
  8:00 am             Fr. Dale DeNinno, Saint Francis
  9:00 am             Fr. Michael Decewicz, Saint Joseph
  9:30 am             Fr. Paul Merkovsky, Saint Scholastica
  10:00 am           Fr. Dale DeNinno, Saint Edward
  11:00 am           Fr. Michael Decewicz, Saint Joseph
  11:30 am           Fr. Paul Merkovsky, Saint Mary
  12:00 noon       Fr. Dale DeNinno, Saint Scholastica

Like a Son of Man
    What are we celebrating with today's feast? Some say that when Pope Pius XI established the feast of Christ the King in 1925, he wanted to combat secularism and also, some say, to remind the nations of Europe that even after losing its secular power, the Catholic Church remained more important than political realms. I once heard a preaching instructor say that this feast is the autumn version of Palm Sunday - a day when we sing "Hosanna to the Lord" whose message we tend to forget or forsake almost as soon as we leave the parade grounds. If we interpret the feast through the lens of the readings we hear today, we wilI understand it as a celebration of the God whose will is to draw us into sharing divine life.
    This year, we turn to John's Gospel to lead us into our consideration of Christ the King. Here, we have the famous trial scene in which Pilate questions Jesus only to find that he himself is on trial about the meaning of life. Pilate asked Jesus, "Are you the King of the Jews?" Jesus didn't answer, at least not directly. Instead, Jesus interrogated Pilate about what he had at stake in the question. Today's celebration asks us as well what we have at stake in celebrating the feast the church calls "The Solemnity of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, King of the Universe."
    When questioned by Pilate, Jesus didn't claim a title. Much to Pilate's confusion, Jesus admitted to being a king, but not in a realm that Pilate could comprehend. Pilate lived in a world of competition, fear and force. He would fear a king who could overthrow him like he feared the crowds who cowed him into doing their will. Pilate understood a world in which people must make their own importance felt, no matter how empty their claims to greatness. Pilate's is a world in which heredity, clothing, titles and the power to manipulate define a persons' worth.
    In contrast, Jesus had no need to cling to status. He knew why he was born and send into the world. He claims that his only purpose in life was to testify to the truth. Could anyone in history be freer than the man who says that? If being a king means that nothing and no one can constrain you, then Jesus is the Kings of Kings because he knows what he is about and no one can take that away.
   Ultimately, that is the point of this feast. Those who choose Christ as their king, buy into his preaching about the reign of God. As king, Jesus defined his realm as one in which the greatest is the one who serves the most. In his realm, the strongest have no need of coercion because those who seek the truth about life will fall in love with him and stake their lives on the freedom he offers, being willing to forsake everything else for it.
    The people who choose to belong to the realm of Christ the King know their primary identity comes from God who loves all. Their citizenship papers are the baptismal certificates that entrust them with the mission to live by and spread the values of God's realm. Because they see Christ as King of the universe, they assume care for alI of creation as an integral part of their mission.

Editor's Note: This article was written for the liturgical magazine CELEBRATION by Sister Mary McClone, a Sister of Saint Joseph.


    Join us for the Children’s Liturgy of the Word at our new 9:30am Liturgy.  Children ages 4-10 and their parents are welcome.  You’ll be directed to the parish hall after the Opening Prayer of the Mass.

    There will be no class on Sunday, Nov. 25, due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Classes will resume Tuesday, Nov. 27, and Sunday, Dec. 2. 

    Middle and high school students are invited to help shop for gifts for our adopted families.  Meet at the Pittsburgh Mills Walmart at 10am on Saturday, Dec. 1.  RSVP to Meredith Troyan by Dec 27.

                Deacon Robert Wertz, Sr. was ordained as a deacon in 2013 for service in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  Following his five years of study and formation, he was originally assigned to Saint Juan Diego Parish and is now part of the clergy team that serves Saint Joseph Parish, Saint Juan Diego Parish, Saint Padre Pio Parish and Saint Scholastica Parish.
                Deacon Bob and his wife Deann have been married for over 27 years and are the parents of three children: Trey, Brandon and Raychel and one granddaughter, Jane.  He works full-time as a computer programmer in downtown Pittsburgh.
                The role of deacon in the church is to assist the bishop and/or priest at the altar in the celebration of Mass.  They are permitted to proclaim the Gospel and preach the homily.  Deacons may also preside at the celebration of Baptism as well as officiate at funeral Blessing Services and Marriage Ceremonies that do not have a Mass.  In addition to their sacramental assistance, deacons are also called to offer a ministry of charity in their outreach to those who are in need.
                We welcome Deacon Bob Wertz to our Lower Allegheny Valley grouping of parishes.  May the Lord bless his service among us.

Tree of Life Synagogue Offering
Saint Joseph Parish:                        $3,601.00
Saint Juan Diego Parish:                 $   709.00
Saint Scholastica Parish:                $ 1,998.00
Saint Padre Pio Parish:                   $ 1,199.00
TOTAL:                                               $ 7,507.00

This Sunday:  Daniel 7:13-14 / Revelation 1:5-8 / John 18:33b-37
Monday:  Revelation 14:1-3, 4b-5 / Luke 21:1-4
Tuesday:  Revelation 14:14-19 / Luke 21:5-11
Wednesday:  Revelation 15:1-4 / Luke 21:12-19
Thursday:  Revelation 18:1-2, 21-23, 19:1-3, 9a / Luke 21:20-28
Friday:  Romans 10:9-18 / Matthew 4:18-22
Saturday:  Revelation 22:1-7 / Luke 21:34-36
Next Sunday:  Jeremiah 33:14-16 / 1 Thessalonians 3:12—4:2 / Luke 21:25-28, 34-36

    St. Scholastica is looking to hire someone for weekend and holiday snow removal.  All equipment and supplies will be provided.  All sidewalks and stairs must be cleared and treated one hour before church and school functions.  Must be reliable and dependable!  For more details, contact Bruce  M-F between 7:00am and 3:00pm at 412-925-4310.

    Bishop David Zubik will host four listening sessions to allow parishioners and others to express their thoughts and suggestions following the release of the Grand Jury Report.  The sessions will be held at 7pm on Thursday, Nov. 29, at St. Paul Cathedral; Monday, Dec. 3, at St. Thomas a Becket Church in Jefferson Hills; Tuesday, Dec. 4, at Our Lady of Fatima Church in Hopewell Twp; and Thursday, Dec. 6, at St. Ferdinand Church in Cranberry Twp.

An Evening for Women: Advent by Candlelight will be held on Monday, Dec. 3, 2018 at St. Scholastica Church beginning at 7:00 pm. Hosted this year in collaboration with St. Joseph Parish, the evening for women provides an opportunity for fellowship through prayer, reflections and music. All women of our parish grouping and their guests are invited to attend. A dessert reception will follow the program. Kindly RSVP by Nov. 29 to Joanne Saunders at 412-963-8319 or by email here.

    Our annual Advent Giving Tree supports local families as well as St. Scholastica ministries.  Parishioners can select their tags from the tree  next weekend and gifts should be returned the weekend of Dec. 15 & 16.  Thank you for your Christmas generosity.
Feast of Christ the King
Saturday              November 24
   5:00pm                  Tom Giannopoulos (Moore Family)
Sunday                 November 25
   9:30am                  Catherine R. Mahardy (Mark & Cathy   Bellinger)
   12:00noon            All Saint Scholastica Parish Members  

Monday               November 26—Weekday in Ordinary Time
   10:00am                Richard B. Fisher (Kathy Murray)

Tuesday               November 27—Weekday in Ordinary Time
   10:00am               Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Sarah John (Lawrence & Martha John)

Wednesday        November 28—Weekday in Ordinary Time
   10:00am               Deceased Members of the Miketic Family

Thursday             November 29—Weekday in Ordinary Time
   10:00am                Yvonne B. Maher (Thomas D. Maher, Jr.)

Friday    November 30—St. Andrew the Apostle
   10:00am                Dianne Powell (Rose & Larry Kenny)

First Sunday of Advent
Saturday              December 1
   5:00pm                  Joan Hilton (Tish Marsico)
Sunday December 2
   9:30am                  Martha F. Flynn (Dan & Eileen Gallagher)
   12:00noon            All Saint Scholastica Parish Members   

Remember in your prayers all those who have died, especially Kenneth Stanko.

It is always good to remember and pray for our deceased loved ones.  We are currently scheduling Mass Intentions for 2019.  Please contact the parish office.

Join us in welcoming into our faith community Richard William DeFelice who was baptized at St. Scholastica this past weekend.

The Aquinas Guild will be collecting homemade cookies again this year for the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry in Sharpsburg.  Please feel free to bake now and freeze the goodies, or plan for some extra baking time in early December.  Cookies are "due" on Sunday, Dec. 16.  We are hoping to supply 150 families.  We appreciate your generosity in advance.

The Christian Mothers and Rosary Society of St. Juan Diego will hold their annual Luncheon Bingo on Monday, Nov. 26, at 1pm in the John Paul I Pastoral Center (9th and Clay Streets in Sharpsburg).  Doors will open at 11:30am.  For tickets, please call Evelyn at 412-781-9368 or Rose at 412-781-4457.


    The CDTCA Gingerbread Event is next Saturday, Dec. 1.  This is a great event for the entire family.  We will have two sessions: 1) 10:00 – 12:00 noon and 2) 2:00 – 4:00.  Gingerbread House building kits can be purchased for $25.  We will have a craft & vendor fair, food trucks, a book fair and games and prizes for all ages.  We hope you’ll join us to kick off the holiday season! Contact the school office at 412-781-7927 for details and to reserve your spot.

    Happy Thanksgiving from CDTCA!  Over the past two weeks, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to participate in some community events of giving back.  Our 4th graders visited St. Joe’s pre-school to participate in their Veteran’s Day assembly and pack care bags for the homeless Vets at Shepherd’s Heart Veterans Home.  Our 3rd and 4th graders participated in the St. Margaret Foundation’s Tree Lighting Ceremony.  The students sang Christmas carols that will be played throughout the hospital during the Christmas season.  We are thankful to be able to give back to our wonderful community.

    Thanks for your help!  These items are needed now:  powdered milk, dried fruit,  canned red or black beans, macaroni and cheese, and jelly.  Please leave donations in plastic bags. Gray bins are in the church entrance. 
    Larger donations in bags (NOT boxes) and ALL clothing may be brought to the SIDE DOOR of 316 3rd Street, Aspinwall, from 10am-12noon on Mondays and Fridays. Please do NOT leave any donations outside 316 or 318 Third Street.

    Our Aquinas Guild appreciates your donations to the local Saint Vincent de Paul Food Pantry.  Your November donations of  holiday meal items such as vegetables, sweet and mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce or gravy — and any non-perishable items — are most welcome.  Please put donations in the red bin in our church’s main entrance.  
    Financial donations are always welcome.  Please deposit in the Poor Box in the church vestibule.   Also, please contact our office if you or your neighbors ever need confidential help from our parish’s Saint Vincent de Paul Society!

     Our Saint Scholastica Parish Mission is to continue the work of Christ together as a faith community, through the celebration of the Sacraments, living spiritually in the world, and working to be caring members of the community.  As committed Catholics, we are sent to bear the Light of Christ to transform the world by our devotion, service and witness.

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